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  1. Anyone got any experience of how well True Strike Mats hold up over a number of years? I've got a chance to pick one up second hand for my set up at home. It's one of the original ones, about 10 years old I think.....looks in good condition from photos but I've not seen it in person.
  2. I'd say give Evolvr a try. What you describe sounds just like me....have shot in the 70s a couple of times, 80s plenty of times, but otherwise my golf can be so bad I consider giving up after every round! I've had Evolvr for a couple of months, and the difference from 'normal' lessons is you're actually setting out to improve your swing one bit at a time.....all my work to date has been on grip and posture, takeaway and backswing, and I'm already in a much better position at the top. Don't expect instant results, but I feel like I'm building a better swing which means I can eliminate (or at least reduce dramatically) those days when golf is unplayable! I've had numerous face to face lessons over the years, however I'm finding the Evolvr approach breaking down the swing is working better for me.
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