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  1. Follow up from my prior post on my first driver fitting. Expected mainly a visual fitting but got 1h of trackman time with a range of drivers. The numbers alone were useful to help me know what I’m doing with attack angle and outside in swing path. Had been using a used titleist 713D2 with extra stiff shaft. Changed to normal flex and noted some improvements before fitting. Fitting found that an offset Cobra Fmax with 9.5 degree loft improved my dispersion and led to improvement in my slice given my swing speed. Didn’t get much distance improvement but I went for my first new club with basically a free fitting. Played 2 rounds so far and my fairways hit have gone up to 70% from 50% so I’ll take that. Assuming will get more distance as I find more fairways and then work on my swing speed. Overall was satisfied with the experience and need to figure out how to get out more in the Michigan off season. Thanks to all for the advice!
  2. Started actually working on my game and broke 100 and 90 this summer.
  3. Joining the club. TL;DR question is should I consider getting a driver fitting as an 18-19 handicapper? I've played golf very intermittently for many years (playing 1-2 times a year at the most for >10 y) but this year was in a position to actually spend time on the game. Also my 10yo son had interest so it was a nice father son activity. Never really had enough rounds for a handicap so I upgraded my vintage 1990's starter clubs for used irons and driver and went at it this summer. Lots of youtube videos and a lesson or two. Handicap moved from 23 to 18.6 at this point so I'm fighting to be a consistent bogey golfer and breaking 90 is more normal now than a miracle. I don't know if it's coincidence or not but I started using some of the Leadbetter "A" Swing principles and that coincided with me getting to the 90 range as opposed to the 95 range. I know there are mixed feelings on the "A" swing but for my body it made sense. I like tech and found 18 birdies great for tracking rounds but found entering in data a pain in the butt. Got Game Golf Live on sale (since they are pushing the Pro) and it's been very useful I think. Based on strokes gained putting, off the tee and short game are where I need to work on. Which gets to my driver which I bought as a kinda off the shelf used Titleist 913D2 with some fiddling with the settings. Has an extra-stiff shaft which I had no thoughts on at the time but I'm sure is not a match for my slow swing speed. I'm hitting 34% of my drives to the right (58% fairways hit) and I know am getting lots of side spin that is taking distance off and typical drives averate 175yd. Bizarrely my 3 wood averages 177yd primarily from the fairway (yeah yeah - I know I should use my 3 wood more then). I'm at a place in my game where I can see where increasing length (and accuracy) off the tee will help me as I'm gaining strokes on my approaches. So I'm pondering getting a driver fitting at a local shop that has a really good reputation (not a big box store). From there I can decide if I want to pony up the $$ for a new driver or change shafts on my current one. Given end of the season I'm wondering if I can get a deal. So question for my high HI brethren - driver fitting worth it? My swing consistency is ok but I'm hoping some fitting will help figure out if the shaft is working against me and see if I can make the mishits more tolerable. I figure at the least for the cost of a round of golf I can get some data on how crappy my swing speed is, attack angle etc to know what I need to work on.
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