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  1. 🤠whilst playing in my club pairs championship to day I commented to my playing partner on the poor state of the sand in ours bunker s He then showed me the sand wedge thet he uses. It's called an Acclaim Sand Wedge and he swears by it for getting out of bunkers and rough Around the greens. It's a strange shape & I've never seen one before. Has anyone ever seen or used one and if so do you think they r any good? I'm thinking of getting one.
  2. @hespeler That's just what happened with me costing shots instead of saving them.I'm ok with the gentle chips and pitching with the SW
  3. @billchao making a lot of sence there. I think most of it is lacking confidence. Having to hit hard to go a short distance knowing that if you get it wrong you'll be emailing the green.
  4. @ Vinson. ThanThanks for the heads up 😊 @Vinskthink I got it correct thiis time. Thanks for the heads up 😉
  5. Hi billchao. You'll be talking me into putting my LW back in the bag and trying shorter swings with it. At the moment I am more consistent with the 55 degree SW😖
  6. Thanks iacas. There r so many different opinions on this subject all valid for each individual. After a lot of reflection I shall take the LW out and see if I miss it. If I don't itell stay out.
  7. 🤠Yes that makes a lot of sense regarding tight lies and the courses that you are playing. I have found that on my own course Whetstone Hinckley Leicestershire I can go a number of rounds without using my lob wedge. Also when I carry it plus SW I only get confused as to which one to use in various situations. So I'm taking LW out.
  8. I also agree, we all need to be more consistent. I'm taking mine out & putting the 5 iron back in.
  9. Thanks for your comments. I have come to the same conclusions. I have now taken the lob wedge out and put the 5 iron back in.
  10. I'm an 17 h/cap and I am not sure weather I should carry a lob wedge or just a sand wedge
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