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  1. OK, thanks but this conversation has gotten way of the rails. It was supposed to be about switching from stiff to regular shafts. I guess the Internet has a way of going in its own direction. Frustrating!
  2. I don't see it that way. If a fitter addresses a swing flaw without at least pointing out the cause of the flaw and letting you decide the course of action to be taken, then I think he/she is doing you a disservice in the long run. However, I guess it can be both. On the one hand, one can go into a fitting with a swing flaw and buy a set of clubs that somewhat mitigate that swing flaw without any intention of addressing the root cause of the problem. Nevertheless, IMO most serious golfers want to work to identity and correct swing flaws (like my quickness). Once they have hopefully overcome the flaw, the new clubs could conceivably become obsolete unless they took into account the corrective step. Doesn't it make more sense to work towards correcting the flaw and be fit with a set of clubs that accommodates your best potential? To me that is a fitting worth having. Once you own those clubs any swing problems are on you. That provides incentive to overcome the flaw and unlock your best potential. That is the way I see it. It is the journey to get there that I want to discuss.
  3. Yes and no. During the fitting I worked with several shafts, to include the S300 and the Project X 5.5's. The fitter noticed right away that the S300's were not for me anymore. He is the one who suggested I slow my tempo and then put the 5.5's on the club. I don't really know how to describe it, but the best way I can put it is that less effort achieved better results, with better distance and better accuracy. The issue of leaking to the right only occurs with the 5.5 on the driver when I overswing. When I slow it down it draws nicely, and to quote an old commercial... ball go far. Later, I took both the new driver shaft and the old shaft to the range and tried them side by side. The stiff shaft responded better to a hard swing and generated straight to slightly fading drives that stay in play. The 5.5 responded to a hard swing by leaking much further right, but provided much better feel, generating a draw and better distance when I slow my tempo. I can play both but the 5.5's feel better to me. I'm working hard on slowing my tempo.
  4. I am new to the forum. Glad to be here. I have been playing golf for a long time, and over the years my club fittings have indicated that I needed a stiff shaft for all my clubs. Recently, I purchased a new set of clubs and my fitting revealed that Project X LZ 5.5 shafts are the best fit for me (I understand these are regular flex, although some here believe them to be in between stiff and regular). Perhaps it is a sign of my middle age, but these less stiff shafts definitely feel smoother than my old DG S300's. I have also noticed that a slower (or should I say smoother) tempo is a must or the new shafts (especially the driver) tend to leak to the right. However, when I make a good, smooth swing with these new shafts they reward me with a nice mid flight baby draw. The problem is that I have grown accustomed to a harder transition which may have been the product of playing with my stiffer former clubs. I have been working on slowing my tempo which is easy on the range, but not as easy on the course where I sometimes return to old habits. Has anyone gone through this? Tell me about your experience. Is it simply a matter of time and practice? Are there any good drills for slowing my tempo that you can suggest? Thanks!
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