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  1. Wedges ( Short game Frustration )

    Max has a great point that a descending blow and "compression" is key to spinning the golf ball. Go to your club pro and ask about a descending blow, or tinker with it on the range. If this does not work, then new equipment may be necessary.
  2. Wedges ( Short game Frustration )

    I would say thay you are more than over due for new wedges. There are very affordable wedges online that have deep u grooves to maximize spin.
  3. Shaft Recommendations?

    What ball do you play and what is your swing speed?
  4. How often do you get new wedges?

    If you play 5+ times a week, I would suggest changing 2 times a year to keep that "zip" on your wedges. If you are a weekend warrior, then once every two years will suffice.