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  1. Can’t stand watching Holmes play, turned the end of the Genesis off. Disliked him after the tournament last year when he took 3-4 minutes to decide to lay up. Only thing I wish for from him is that he get paired with Brooks Koepka.
  2. You could also spend five bucks on a roll of lead tape and play around with the weighting. You might wind up with your ideal putter (slathered with lead tape but handsome is as handsome does), or you might figure out what you really want in your next putter.
  3. I bought a Super Sonic. I now have three of them, none of which work. The electronics/lcd screens all failed. Other than poor quality, I see two problems. Yes, when you use it, the number on the screen goes up. But why does it go up? Does it go up because you are more efficiently applying a correct kinetic chain, or does it go up because you’re early extending and flipping harder? Chances are . . Second, it is a VERY heavy “club” with a VERY low swingweight. Which doesn’t exactly transfer across to good timing with a golf club.
  4. “How much should you pay?” questions tend to select responses. How much should you pay for a car? Obviously the guy who paid over a million for his McLaren doesn’t think everyone should; that’s the whole point of having one. Likewise, the guys with the $2k custom Scottys want something exclusive. So it makes sense that most of the responses are $300 or less. If you just want to make putts, and know basically what you need in terms of length and style (mallet, blade, etc.), I don’t think you need to spend more than $100 on ebay. I’ve sold several perfectly serviceable and respectabl
  5. If you have enough bounce you could have the 52 bent to 50. 10, 15 bucks perhaps.
  6. And what was the deal with Tiger wearing rain pants on Sunday? Did the team issue pants not fit?
  7. There is a classic management mistake known as "hoping for A while rewarding for B." As you note, we hope that our players will perform well on one type of course, while we select them based on their performances on a very different type of course. We hope that they will be rested and sharp for the Ryder Cup, while we dangle 10 million in front of them to give their peak effort in the weeks immediately prior. We know that RC comes down to putting, and we know that the RC greens will be on the slow side. We hope that our players will putt well on this sort of greens that they hardly ever see, w
  8. Very well for you, Patrick, but what about the other guy? If you don't bathe for a month maybe you wouldn't mind if someone else stank, but that doesn't compel them to return the favor.
  9. Agreed. Both the "I guess my name has to be Jordan Spieth" and the "my back still hurts from the Ryder Cup" comments were derogatory and unprofessional. Granted, the first was caught on a fan's cell phone, but the second was to the press. If Spieth had made a similarly disparaging public remark about Reed, not only would the team have been over, Reed would not have taken one for the team and been quiet about it. In my opinion.
  10. They're your feet, but it is possible for a shoe to be the right size but the wrong width. If you kept the same size but a narrower width you would have pretty much the same width for your toes but a more snug fit for your heel, and, I'd bet, no more blisters. You might even be able to go up a half size in a narrow width. Problem is, nobody but FJ offers narrow widths, and not many stores carry even the FJ narrows. Now, Boa closure. I have several pair with Boa, including some of the same model/size with both laces and Boa. I find the Boa to provide a generally snugger fit. The la
  11. Having switched to graphite/carbon shafts in my irons (+1" 1/2" progression), I did the same for my wedges, and went basically single length from PW down (and PW is only 1/4" shorter than 9i). As much for feel as anything -- having gotten used to the weight and flex of graphite, I wanted to keep the same feel through the set. 60-55-50, for what it's worth. Graphite helps keep swing weight reasonable with the added length.
  12. Joined a club this year, allowing me to walk 18 2 or three times a week, resulting in plantar fasciitis. Walking the course doesn't hurt, but getting out of bed in the morning is like stepping on spikes with both heels. Might want to nip that heel pain in the bud. Calf/achilles stretches, etc.
  13. Rubbing where? If your heel can move around and create worn spots -- it shouldn't. I'm no podiatrist, but I'm limited to FJ because I have narrow feet and heels. Even if I can cinch a shoe up so that it fits my instep, if the heel is too loose it's going to rub. Perhaps you have the same problem and need a narrower heel that won't allow the movement/rubbing in the first place.
  14. Yes, works fine with a net. You need a certain distance between the unit and the ball, and between the ball and the net, I forget what the manual said, but it's not a lot. I've used mine inside and it's better than nothing but gives no spin info. I don't use it outside -- see, the ball went there. What's the point?
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