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  1. Rory and DJ have abandoned the P7MB going back to their “proto” irons. Is anyone on tour using these irons? Are they a failure? Why do blade players not like them?
  2. Wedges definitely do that, so my “problem” is intentional design. I guess I must get used to it.
  3. Since I originally posted, I found some info that states that the swingweight of wedges is supposed to increase over the nine iron from gap to lob. Maybe it's something I just need to adjust to but it seems that it would be most logical to have all the irons and wedges be ballanced and weighted the same so that they all feel the same during the swing. Anyone know why the wedges are supposed to be progressively heavier?
  4. Or maybe lead tape below the wedge grips? Anyone try this?
  5. I have a set of p730 irons and a set of three vokey wedges. They all have the same dynamic gold tour issue xstiff shafts. The feel of the head weight of the wedges during the swing is much higher than the rest of the irons and it throws my swing off unless I take several practice swings. Should I go with a lighter shaft in the p730s to make the heads feel heavier? I’d like all the clubs to feel the same.
  6. If the consumers largely demanded 4K, you would be surprised at how fast the cable companies could deliver it to us.
  7. My MOBILE PHONE can film in 4K! Then I can broadcast my recordings in 4K on YOUTUBE! I can broadcast in 4K before the golf channel can? WHAT THE HELL IS TAKING CABLE COMPANIES SO LONG TO UPGRADE?!
  8. The new Wilson Staff Model Blades are some of the most beautiful golf irons I've ever seen. If I didn't love my Taylormade P730s so much, I would order these in a heart beat. I can't wait until Rick Shiels reviews these on YouTube. MyGolfSpy article link https://mygolfspy.com/first-look-wilson-staff-model-blades/
  9. It’s 2019 now, 4K TVs are fairly cheap, when, oh when are we going to have 4K broadcast on the Golf Channel !!! I don’t mean for one-off events like the masters or the olympics, I want the golf channel in 4K all the time! This is long overdue! It may be time for angry letters or a petition!
  10. Holy smoke, 2001? Tell me you haven’t played much golf during that time? Over the past two years I have tried all the FootJoy models with the new BOA closure system, which is fantastic. It is worth the extra money. However, the new Ecco shoes with the BOA closure system are far superior to the offerings from FootJoy. Do not overlook Ecco, even if you don’t want the BOA system.
  11. I actually spoke with Taylormade yesterday and they have no public information on a release date yet. Maybe someone remembers which month they released last year’s staff bag?
  12. Rory, Rahm and DJ are all carrying a new Taylormade staff bag in Kapalua this week. It's mostly red and black and possibly the best looking bag from Taylormade I've seen. I don't see it for sale yet online. Anyone know when these bags might go on sale? I haven't even seen any photos of them online yet, just in the TV broadcast. I did not like last year's TM staff bag at all. I didn't like the shape or the colors of the 2018 bag, but this new bag I'm considering.
  13. I was tempted to go with the 5 wood but I need one club that is better in the rough. I’ve decided to go in a different direction. I’m going with a Taylormade Gapr Mid.
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