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  1. Decided to post this mainly because of how much it helped me visualize the hand action in the golf swing. I knew I wasn't supposed to roll my forearms over, but I think it's a common thread among us higher handicappers to be afraid of the open clubface, which compounded the problem for me as it leads to a strong "hit" impulse. Basically, the fact that you turn your flat left wrist with your body AT AN ANGLE both closes the clubface and makes the swing go down and out was much easier to understand after this illustration. Maybe you can get something out of it too.
  2. Getting rid of that lead arm chicken wing at impact.
  3. What is the moalst forgiving driver you've ever hit/gamed since, well, 2005?
  4. IN! Would be great to own a TM driver Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk
  5. I can't wait to try your tracking system for par = 90! My practice needs some direction.
  6. That's great and all... but the long putter doesn't help read a green and I would submit that IMO the longer putter takes out feel, which I use to help judge speed. Also, I would toss that ball you are talking about underhanded, not push it sideways across my body. The point is, the long/belly putters make it so you don't swing the club... which is kind of the point of our beloved sport?
  7. The K15 is heel weighted. Aka straight flight technology = old draw bias technology. If you have a pull slice, this will just make the pull worse. If you have a push fade, fix your takeaway. Any club that promotes a pull makes me a bit nervous.
  8. I play glove free on both hands and never have had a problem with blisters. I don't understand why your fingers should be rubbing against each other like that at all. Post a picture of your typical grip.
  9. As far as I know, there are only four power moves in golf, the accumulators (there is a nice instruction article in the wiki section that defines them). Quite noticably absent is amount of coil in the backswing and moving way off the ball. I've had the same problem as you and it was due to making a huge swaying backswing coil and then, as a result, starting down with the shoulders. This move will allow you to hit short irons and top/chunk the longer clubs. Resist the shoulder swing to start the transition! The best it can give you is a bullet of a thin shot and the worst is a broken right
  10. I practiced these things today... and I noticed two things immediately... more piercing, longer ball flight, and I could see the ball the whole time because I didn't overdo the backswing quite as badly. I also tried to keep the takeaway more square to the plane... and this paid huge dividends with the woods. Finally figured out why those clubs have given me weak pushes... now they start straight! Woohoo!
  11. So I recently signed up for evolvr. I will use this thread to show my progress.
  12. If I can swing the putter back and through without it snagging on anything, and the ground is really flat, it's an easy decision, IMHO.
  13. That's a concave grip, so I'm going to say it's illegal.
  14. Make sure you arent starting the downswing with your shoulders.
  15. Two older swings and a newer face on swing. Lots of thin and fat contact. Help! Newer swing Older swings (last year)
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