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  1. High School Golf Bad Sportsmanship

    The cussing doesn't bother me. I do it when I hit a bad shot but throwing clubs should be a penalty or a DQ because it makes them look like whiny brats.
  2. High School Golf Bad Sportsmanship

    I just got done playing my High School golf match. I didn't do well but I still had some fun. The downer was this kid kept getting mad slamming and throwing clubs. He was no fun at all. I think there is no place in the game for throwing clubs. I think they should be penalized for this kind of behavior. Any high school golfers here see this? Anyone have an opinion?
  3. 1st High School Golf Match! Did Great :)

    Good job man. I have my firstaway match tomorrow. First, ever course I have played other than my home one. Nervous but he nerves go away after the first few shots. And I get out of school early :)
  4. Ever had a four putt?

    I think everyone has had atleast one 4 putt. I know I have its nothing to worry about. Just a bad round or some bad luck.
  5. Bridgestone e6+

    I'm thinking about buying a sleeve of these.Is this a good ball in your experience? Does it spin less like they say it does? How good is the feel around the green?
  6. I'm not a single digit handicapper either not even close but I had a 140 the other day. I usually shoot high 90s low 100s(just started playing in July). It happens.
  7. New Iron Set

    OK I've narrowed it down to Callaway X-22 and Ping G15. I might go with Callaway x-22 because I heard there customer service is the best of any company.
  8. New Iron Set

    Ok then personal experiences. I can't go try them because I live in a small town with no golf shop except for a pro shop that I'm going to order the clubs through.
  9. New Iron Set

    Ok so I'm looking into getting a new set of irons. I'm eithr going to get Callaway X-22s, titleist AP1s or Ping G15s. I'm looking for some forgiveness and good workability. So which set should I get? Also I'm looking for a SW and maybe a 60* wedge. What should kind of wedges should I get?
  10. does golf get more frustrating as you get better?

    Well I wouldn't call myself good but as I'm improving I seem to get frustrated easier. But I have learned the frustration on one hole only leads to a frustrated 18 holes. Be frustrated with the shot and then when you get in the cart or pick up your bag or whatever you do to go to your next shot make that where you forget about the last shot. Forget about the last hole or the other day. The only thing that matters is what your doing on your next shot.
  11. What'd You Shoot Today?

    At golf team practice tonight played six holes. I shot a 30.
  12. Guys that play in tournaments, question...

    Push carts a nice. Pull carts can hurt your back if you have back problems. My dad has back/neck problems and can't use a pull cart but a push cart is fine.
  13. What'd You Shoot Today?

    101. Pretty good considering I started about 3 weeks ago.