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  1. A lot of potential, I'd say. Definitely looks like a very rough cut, but the tech itself has already proven itself with this demo as far as I'm concerned. Seems like they just need to work on some convenience features like nevets is getting at. Wonder how different/accurate what they're doing is to what is possible with a Wii Remote with Motion Plus on it. If this worked as advertised and they ironed out some kinks, I'd buy it for sure.
  2. I'm referring to your tone more than anything. It's clear to me the difference between "what's right" and "a right". The person you originally replied to said "they have the right to change this"...which didn't mean to imply "a right", just simply "if they want to change it, there is nothing saying they can't." The problem is that you seem to be really bummed out that if someone wants to do this, it's going to cost them an arm and a leg to get it done....but who cares? It's their money, let them do what they want. I don't see anyone stating that the government needs to financially s
  3. Yikes... Sorry, dude, you're way off on this one. I'm sure you're the type of person that hates it when someone tells you what you can and can't do with your money, right? Where do you get off telling someone else what to do with theirs? I'm sure you're the type of person that hates being told what to think or what to do, right? Where do you get off defining what is right or wrong for others? Get off your high horse and open your eyes.
  4. Last round I played I told my friend he hit his short putt like Marilyn Monroe...like a dead woman. Had to spice things up cause he was getting frustrated, and something like that cheered him up quite nicely and he loosened up. :P
  5. I suspect a lot of people fear having to "relearn" everything they "know" about the golf swing, and would rather stay away from anything they view as potentially disruptive to their game. Not that I think it's a rational fear to have, just that I could understand where someone was coming from with that line of thought.
  6. Who knew A-Rod was such an emotional guy on both ends of the spectrum? Pretty touching moment, even if A-Rod wasn't exactly the most likable character. His game is pretty rock-solid, though. I actually think Sara Brown is the most consistent player I've seen on the show so far (seen 2 seasons of it now). Everyone knows she's consistent, and she has confidence in herself to get it done. Easily would take her for my team any day. "She throws darts, and everyone knows that" I believe was the quote. Glad to see Blair had the ability to match the looks. She won the MVP point battle by a l
  7. What'd you guys think of the Steeler's treatment yesterday? A couple of BS penalties, and it looked like the refs were flag happy all day. Seemed pretty clear to me that the stripes are going to be picking on the Steeler's for the rest of the season...for no good reason.
  8. Glad you mentioned that last bit, cause I don't want to come off as some guy that's like "YOU SUCK! I RULE!". It's a lot more that I just want you guys to succeed...like I'm invested in this product or something. ...and I'm sorry to say, but you may have to see my icon more than you'd like now (unless you ask me to switch)! :)
  9. Hmm... You could create a 3rd golfer image and paint him yellow, and have his swing not be the perfect image that you've got in your green. He'd be improved over orange, but not quite as good as green. Home version would show orange guy and yellow guy, pro version would show orange guy and green guy. It's basically saying "with home version you could improve your swing a lot, but with Pro, you can take it all the way!" ... something like that. This would all be solved if you went with just a single golfer, you know? :) Just one of your golfers are already in a nicely proportioned
  10. That's what I mean. I feel like that's your best bet, as it gets the point across and doesn't contain a lot of bloat. I personally would remove the play controls, but I know you like them there. :) I suspect we won't really see eye to eye on the icon, but I really do believe it should be a simple defining image, and I think you've got a great one in just your golfer sillouette on top of the grid. I really really do!
  11. I still feel like it looks to busy. While I understand there's something about the SD card look that you like, I don't think it really adds anything to the icon beyond just making the important stuff smaller. For something that's an inside joke or gives the icon a certain look, I think it's getting way too much real estate. If you absolutely want to keep it, perhaps you could try putting the images directly on the SD card instead of inside the metallic container they're currently in? I know that goes against the look of the application itself (gun-metal looking), but it just feels really
  12. No problem. Figured I'd throw my 2c in there again on this. Appreciate the time to provide counter-points. As I've said before, I just want it! :)
  13. The two icons inside SD cards are strange to me, as it almost seems to imply that Analyzr is something you load onto your camera and take out to the range with you somehow. Seems like by putting it on the SD card, you're making it appear more like your app is some kind of mobile app versus that it reads data that can sometimes come from an SD card. Also, no icon in my dock or that I own or have seen actually says the name of the program on them (like your upright icon). It's more about creating an iconic image (for lack of a better word) than it is trying to spell it out for people, yo
  14. When someone leaves a putt short: You'll get it next time, Bobbit (John Bobbit) I also call bogey's "Muggsy"...for Muggsy Bogues.
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