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  1. Standard length Proforce V2 76 stiff shaft Golf pride tour velvet cord grip
  2. Standard length Real Diamana Blueboard 63 stiff shaft, not the titleist version White winn grip
  3. he currently plays a 8.5 909d2 with a diamana blue board 73x
  4. the diamana blue board (real one) is by far the best shaft i have ever had throughout all of my past drivers. the shaft is smooth feeling but still has enough stability and power so you can go after it. i found that this shaft gave me a medium launch with medium to low spin and tight dispersion. the proforce v2 shafts in my 3wood and hybrid are a little stiffer and less smooth feeling that my diamana. i wanted this for the lower launch with mid spin and tight dispersion. i would recommend the aldila dvs 60 driver shaft (weighs 63g) or possibly the dvs 70 driver shaft (weighs 71g) these would help raise your trajectory a little bit
  5. the 905r is a great driver but i found that the d2 went farther and had more forgiveness. i actually switched from the 909d3 to my new 909d2 recently. the launch monitor said that the d2 had a higher launch and less spin (even though the d3 is supposed to have less).
  6. i agree with this the 2007 burner in my opinion is the best burner in the series currently (i would keep it)
  7. last time i went to my local golf shop i bought my driver, 3wood, and a bushnell pinseeker 1600
  8. i cannot stand playing with long sleeves unless is is a tighter fit. so i own a couple adidas climaproof short sleeve wind shirts that are nice
  9. it basically helps you close the putter head if you tend to pull your putts then this putter is not for you
  10. you ordered the 909d2? if so, its a great driver, i switched to it from the d3 for the extra forgiveness
  11. congratulations man, that should definitely lower your handicap
  12. titleist clubs and hat footjoy shoes and glove nike apparel
  13. you can fill all of the colors, but the best thing to do is just send it in to scotty cameron to do it for you
  14. the titleist 909d2 is a great driver and the price just dropped to $299 recently
  15. my titleist 909d2 has an outstanding sound and excellent feel