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  1. Thank you. I will do the same:)
  2. dorian


    Poland here:) Golf here started just 20 years ago. We have around 6k registered golfers.
  3. Hello Recently I came up with an idea of short putter. USGA rules claim that it cannot be less than 18inches - which is fine for me. What I wanted to do is to buy cheap putter and just cut it in desired length, and attach superstroke grip there. However problem occurs in diameter of the putter shaft which tapers nearer the club head, and most grips are too loose. Do you have any ideas how it could be done?
  4. dorian


    Hi Everyone Just decided to signup to a forum that I read on weekly basis since many months. Started playing this year with 54 handicap and I managed to cut it to 34 so far. Have a great day! Best, Daniel
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