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  1. Never in a million years. You'll be lucky if group #1 gets off the tee box in 4 minutes, let alone on the green. 8 minutes would be getting you're second shot hit, and moving up the hole towards the green. Honestly, I think that's perfectly doable on an average golfer's average golf hole. In my experience, I find it's the time between getting on the green to making it to the next tee box is where most time is wasted. Generally, if someone chunks their second shot, and maybe even their third, they're pretty active towards getting on the green. But, once it's time to putt, people think they
  2. Courses in the SW Pa / SE Oh / N WV area are as green as they were in May. A few spots started getting brown in the middle of July, but we've got a decent amount of rain since then. These last two weeks especially. I don't know how we dodged the storms during yesterday's round. They just lingered there from 8:00 am until around noon. Nice to have some cloud cover to be honest.
  3. Why print them at all? All these kids have smart phones (most likely). So, just share the doc. I'd probably just re-design it from the ground up in docs. There may be some weird leftover artifacts during conversion.
  4. Lol, ain't that the truth!! While 200 yds isn't the end of the world, I'm sure you can hit it further. Filming your swing is good place to start. Lots of good eyes on the forum here to help you out. Have you considered a strength training program? Something based around squat, bench press, deadlift, pullups, and barbell rows could do wonders for your swing. Also, maybe put on 10-15 lbs while training. 130 is pretty slim for 5'9.
  5. Seconded. This could easily be said of every other club maker. TM and Callaway, especially. I play an older Nike Sumo driver. It's as good as anything else I've hit. I could have bought an almost new Ping G25 for $100 recently, but I didn't see a real difference. I probably should replace my Nike soon, but it still works well. I've actually been on the hunt for a Covert 3w (red crown) in the bargin bins recently after hitting a friends. Great club. Might go by Dick's and pick up a blue one since they're only $99 now. I will say that these Vapor irons are hideous.
  6. Since Nike is getting out of the club game, they're on sale everywhere. I think I might pick up a blue 3w. I still (yes, still) game a 07' Sumo (regular, not square) driver. Works fine, and sounds like a cannon. Have a couple of their hybrids too, but don't use them since I have Mizuno H4's in the 3,4,5 slot. I'm glad they're going to keep making shoes though. Love my spikeless golf shoes from them.
  7. Playing music out of your cart is massively annoying, and should be banned, quite frankly. No one wants to hear your shitty music. It's common courtesy. I've had brief glances with someone doing this, but it's never been a direct issue. People are out trying to play golf, and 99.9% of us want as much quiet as we can while playing. If this became a common thing at golf courses, I'd probably find something else to do with my free time.
  8. Oh man, those JPX-900 tours look great. I can't help but think a "tour" version of the JPX line is a bit weird. Isn't that what the entire MP line is? More compact heat, less offset, etc? Either way, definitely want to hit these. The 850 forged almost de-throned my MX-200's. Maybe these will do it.
  9. I walked (and carried) last Saturday. It was easily the hottest round of the year for me. It was mid 90's by the end of the round at the course I played in SE Ohio, and the humidity was above 50%. Plus, little to no breeze. We tee off at 7, so the heat didn't start beating us up until the back 9, but it was pretty brutal. By the 15th hole, I could really feel the fatigue start to set in. I think if I would have ate more food for breakfast, I would have been ok. I could have probably played the afternoon if I rode, but no way I would have wanted to walk it. So, that's probably my limi
  10. This is so true. I rarely see anyone I play with (that didn't blade it) hit the ball too far on approach shots. As an alternative to trying to dial in 8 yds, I like to choose the club based on what my miss might be. If there's danger long, hit the shorter club. If there's danger short, take the longer club. If it's wide open take the longer club. That is for everything down to a PW. With my wedges (partial shots inside 100'ish), I have yardages in mind based on back swing length. And, I think it's worth practicing those shots. For example: 9 O'Clock backswing with my 50 degree will go abo
  11. You know, I had a long post typed out to defend my position. But, you're right. I do think a double bogey free round is more difficult. If you break 80 most of the time, a double-bogey probably hits your score card more than a score in the 80's.
  12. Definitely take a club or two less, and adjust your backswing length to compensate for the distance. Standard knock down type of shot. However, as DaveP043 suggests, gusty winds can be unpredictable. A week or two ago, the wind started picking up big time on the back 9. On one hole, distance called for a 6, I hit a 5. It was 20 yds short! on a par 3! I didn't strike the ball poorly either (although it did go a bit higher than normal). The wind is hard, but sometimes really fun to play in. Especially when you're standing over a putt and you can see the ball rocking back and forth.
  13. Voted break 80, but they're definitely closely related. I don't think I've ever shot a double-bogey free round in my life, but I have broken 80 a few times.
  14. As other's have stated, the color of your socks is a bit over the line. In fact, it's absurd, imo. The rest of it, I'm okay with...and not okay with. Personally, even on courses without a dress code, I see most players with a golf shirt and shorts / slacks. Occasionally, I'll see players with denim on, or the group of shitheads without a shirt on spraying balls every which way (yes, those two things are related). So, while I would prefer most people to wear collared golf shirts and slacks or dockers type shorts, I'd be lying if I didn't say that my favorite outfit to golf in is mesh athle
  15. These guys not participating isn't surprising at all. Just look at baseball. Very few (if any) pros go to the Olympics. It's right in the middle of their season. Golf is no different. I think Hockey might follow the same suit, but I'm not certain about that. On a personal level, Golf just feels weird in the olympics. I'd probably still watch whatever PGA event was on instead. On a completely unrelated note, does anyone remember the "Dream Team" USA basketball squad from the 92' Olympics? It was like a Harlem Globe Trotters game every night.
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