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  1. Reef Donkey

    New guy from Fort Worth

    Hi all! Just wanted to introduce myself. I've only recently gotten back into playing golf after an over-decade long absence. How many N. Tex. players we got on this board?
  2. Reef Donkey

    5 wood vs 3 hybrid

    I'm in the same boat. I just recently added a hybrid, and quite frankly I'm having a really tough time getting it in the air. After a recent purchase for some brand new Wilson Staff FG Tour F5's (Driver, 3W and Hybrid) I'm thinking of shelving the 20* Hybrid for an 18* 5w. Strangely, my old driver was an 8* that I pounded until it gave out. It was over 17 years old. Great club. But I got these new Wilsons in and the 11* setting for this Driver has me carrying much further. The 3W I crush with confidence. But the Hybrid, I want to just throw in the trash. It's adjustable to 21*, so maybe I'll dial it back, add the 5W, and remove the 3i that I never take out of my bag anyway.
  3. Reef Donkey

    Reef Donkey


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