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  1. Reef Donkey

    How to get a Lean Body?

    I belong to the Carnivore Diet crowd. I haven't had a vegetable or fruit other than lettuce, mushrooms or onions since February 1st of this year. People told me I'd get scurvy. LOL. I consume approximately 3 to 4 pounds of meat a day, and I've lost 57 pounds. No exercise other than golfing. I had no sort of "keto flu" or any negative symptoms. I'd be in full ketosis constantly if I didn't drink beer regularly. I follow an epidimiologist on social media (Shawn Baker). His job literally is the study of sickness. Basically this... Beef, Pork, Fish, Eggs, Cheese, Birds = Human Food Grains = Not human food. Bird, cow, deer food. Vegatables = Flavor decoration, consume extremely sparingly Everything else = Not fit for human consumption. If it comes in a box (snacks) or a bag (chips, etc) don't touch it. By the way, my cholesterol level has gone down 105 points since I started this diet. My skin has cleared up. I sleep better. Loads of benefits. Just gotta clear the mindset that all this beef is bad for you. Remember, it's only been bad for you since the early 1950's when some egghead doctor said so. Inuits had one of the longest lifespans until we started flying in food from the states to them. And all they ate were seals, whales, etc. No vegetables grow up there. You don't need fruits for Vitamin C. The reason scurvy afflicted sailors was because they had no refrigeration system to take beef on board for extended trips. Your body was designed to eat meat. It hasn't evolved to eat the crap we have been told to eat. It's simply "forgotten" it's true nature. Give it a chance. It really works!
  2. Reef Donkey

    Mixed Results So Far

    Definitely was focused with the old grip. But I couldn’t stop being flippy with my wrists. I’d always add loft to the club at impact or start catching on the upswing. I should also add that I’ve been working on a single pivot swing. It’s also help me hit with a descending angle. Well whatever I’m doing feels great with the irons. Just gotta figure out the woods.
  3. Reef Donkey

    Mixed Results So Far

    I went out today and played a quick 9 before the rain came. For the past couple of weeks I've been working on a no-overlap, no-interlock grip. Holding the club this way with a bit of a strong grip and forward press at address has really helped me with compressing the ball at impact with my irons. With it being still foreign to me I really focused on the forward press and the feeling of "slowing down" my swing. I hit some really solid shots today this way, longer than my normal averages. And my accuracy was good. Well, at least for me. Today I hit 6 of 9 GIR, which is excellent considering the "mixed results" I'm about to go into. Holding my irons this way is fine, but when I tee up driver or 3w, not so much. I don't do the forward press on the woods, but I was spraying all over the place. Ending up with some fairly long iron shots in the rough for an approach. Considering that I only hit 3 fairways I'll take 6 GIR any day. I'm more worried about the consistency if I change grips for my woods, which were much more accurate prior to my strong grip. Do any of you have two different grip styles that you use? Ended up with a 41 for the 9 holes. My lowest score in a long time. Loving this grip for my irons!!!
  4. Reef Donkey

    Shaft for Ping Eye 2 - 2i

    I've heard quite a bit of good stuff about these shafts. With my swing speed being where it is (kinda Regular but moving towards Stiff as I get better) and being longer, I'm pondering the R vs. the S flex. I'm really liking the lighter shafts. I don't know what the KT-M shafts are, but they feel light, especially compared to my Dynamic Gold S300 rebar shafts I swing. I really hate my hybrid. Almost given up on it. Most likely going with the following bag set: Driver: 11* Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 - Love the 11* setting 3W: 14* Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 Ping Eye 2 Blue Dot 2-iron: 18.5* Mizuno JPX 919 Forged (4i - 21* through PW - 45) Nippon Pro Modus 105 Stiff in 7-PW and maybe the 1050GH in 4-6 (My normal shot is low, and these seem to have a bit higher of a trajectory) Also looking at the Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 Irons in 5-PW. They don't make a 4 in LH. Maybe I'll grab a 7w? Or even a Ping Eye 2 3i? I love the Mizzy's but they are $500 more than the Bridgestones, and early reviews really LOVE the Bridgestones. I even considered doing a Hotmetal 4-6 and a 919 Forged in 7-GW
  5. Just got my Ping Eye 2 Blue Dot 2-iron. Back in my earlier days I loved hitting this club. The shaft is a KT-M. Looking to replace it with a graphite shaft. +3/4 inches in lenth. Driver swing speed is mid-90's. Club has a 18.5* loft. Looking for a shaft that might give it a bit more of a mid-high trajectory. Swing tempo is moderate. Transition is medium and release is middle to late. At the end of the day I'll get fit for it, just wanted to nerd out on some shafts.
  6. Driver: 240-250 Carry and roll 3w: 225-230 Carry and roll 19* Hybrid: Don't use. Hybrids suck ass (my own jaded opinion since I can't hit it worth a crap) 2i: Ping Eye 2 w/ Graphite Shaft (Hoping to get 200 out of it, we'll see) Just came in the mail today. 18.5* 4i: 175-180 24* 5i: 170-175 28* 6i: 165-170 32* 7i: 155 36* 8i: 140 40* 9i: 125-130 44* PW: 110-115 48* GW: 95-100 52* SW: 85 56* LW: 70 60* I play 20 year old clubs. All my buddies brag about how far they hit it past me, but their 7i is stronger than my 5i. I'm also getting terrible gapping with my 4-6 irons. I have a mid-90s to sometimes upper 90's driver clubhead speed and my irons all have Dynamic Gold S300's. Probably NOT the best shaft for my swing speed. I feel I'd get better distance with a much better suited shaft. Something with a mid-high trajectory. And of course, if I were a better ball striker naturally my distance would improve. Sometimes I get a little flippy with my hands trying to get the ball into the air, which really isn't gonna happen with those shafts anyways.
  7. I have a mid-upper 90's swing. If I absolutely pure one I'll get around 240-250 of carry with some decent roll. Maybe I just optimized everything on that one particular shot incl. the launch angle, spin rate. My average though is around 240 carry and roll. If I was a great striker of the ball naturally my average would be higher. I was very guilty of over-inflating my distance when I was younger. Mostly because we always seem to measure out the bombs we hit, yet try to mentally delete the snap hook into the deep rough. Strangely enough, for some odd reason I hit absolute bombs with my 3w. Probably just better fit to me? Either way, unless its a stiff wind in my face, I am pulling out 3w more often than driver, and it only seems like I average about 15 yards less. Granted, 8-10 shots with my 3w are pure, whereas with my driver it's more like 3 out of 10 pure, and the rest a bit on the toe. I don't snap hook any more, or hit the worm burners. Maybe I need to get back on the launch monitor. I've gotten in considerably better shape since I was tested.
  8. Reef Donkey

    Pin Hi Golf Clubs

    Hi Kobus! I don't know much about the Pin Hi's but I know enough that when you get the chance go and have them fit for your swing. There's tons of irons out there, and truthfully I feel there really aren't any bad clubheads. The lie angle of the club, the proper shaft, and the right grip will do you a world of good compared to the clubhead. I guess what I'm trying to say is that most good (or even average) golfers wouldn't play that much worse because of the clubhead, but they certainly would because of the shaft, grip, and clubfitting (or lack thereof).
  9. Reef Donkey

    Iron Shaft Help

    When screwing around at the PGASS I hit the AP1's with the Red AMT shafts. Holy crap those felt light and powerful. Nice high shots and extra speed off the clubface.
  10. Reef Donkey

    Iron Shaft Help

    Definitely gonna get fitted. It's just that I'm obsessive compulsive with wanting to learn how things work and why they work. Was reading up on the XP line and also the Nippon Pro 950's. Once I get my eyes on a few shafts I try building them online, and wouldn't you know it? They don't offer the irons with those shafts. Would it then be an upcharge?
  11. Reef Donkey

    Iron Shaft Help

    Hey all! Before getting into the possible solutions for my problem here's what I'm currently dealing with: Driver Swing Speed: 95-97 mph 7-iron Swing Speed: 81-83 mph Moderate Swing Tempo Primary Shot Miss (right) I'm left handed. All of my irons are equipped with True Temper DG S300's. Now, these shafts were fitted for me when I had a 105+ mph swing. Even then I don't think they were the right shafts for me. I can't get the ball up in the air with the 4-5 irons. The kickpoint on these clubs are really high, and I don't have the swing speed to get the optimal performance out of this shaft. The 4 carries about 175, and the 5 carries about 170, while my 6 carries about 165 (the loft on my 6 is 32*). To add more to it, these shafts are heavy to me. I'm thinking of making a purchase to some new technology and getting rid of my blades. Currently looking at gaming 5-PW on the 919 Hotmetal or the 919 Forged. Both will be miles more forgiving than the 20 year old KZG's that I'm playing now. But with my swing speed being where it is, and knowing that I am looking for a lighter weight shaft, can y'all recommend some shafts? I'm looking for more height on all my irons, but definitely need them on my 4 and 5. Currently my 6-SW are seem to be high enough, however, I don't know if I'm missing out on distance with those as well. The 4 and 5 need to be significantly higher than they currently are. It seems they don't get more than maybe 60-70 feet off the ground, and I'm thinking they need to be to at least 90' in height.
  12. Reef Donkey

    5 wood vs 3 hybrid

    I'm doing a bit of a swing partial overhaul. Working on more of a single axis kind of swing. It's been a pretty easy transition so far. It's nice not shifting weight, and while it doesn't feel more powerful, I'm consistently longer. My old swing if I absolutely pure a 7-iron produced about 165 yards (36* loft, my irons are 20 years old), but my off-center hits (80% of them) were only going about 140-ish. With this swing I'm about 70% pure shots, but my average is around 155. So yes, less distance so far, but MORE distance on average. I tested out a 7-wood. Uh, those are absolutely wonderful. Hitting HIGH and long tight draws with it roughly 200. Gonna ditch the 19* hybrid and get an 18* 5-wood. Bag will look like the following: Driver - 11* (hitting 240 carry with 15-20 yards of roll) 3W - 14* (high and long. Carrying 225 with an occasional 235+ carry rocket that comes out of nowhere) 5W - 18* (hoping to gap this around 215 or so) 7W - 22* (200-ish) 5i - PW (24* - 45* - May tweak the lofts a degree or two for proper distance gapping. With the right shaft I am hitting the irons I'm testing about 185 for the 5-iron consistently, and I want them gapped at around 10 yards or so, putting my PW around 120 to 125. Looking at Hot Metals in the 900 and 919 line. Wondering if I can possibly do a mixed bag. Maybe the 5 and 6 being a Hot Metal and 7-PW being the forged. Also considering the Hogan PTX line as well. GW / SW / LW (50* - 60* but will tweak for gapping off the PW. Looking at the Hogan Equalizers. Got to hit these, and they are really nice clubs for the money. Basically a bag overhaul. Sorry for hijacking my own thread. LOLz.
  13. Reef Donkey

    New guy from Fort Worth

    Hi all! Just wanted to introduce myself. I've only recently gotten back into playing golf after an over-decade long absence. How many N. Tex. players we got on this board?
  14. Reef Donkey

    5 wood vs 3 hybrid

    I'm in the same boat. I just recently added a hybrid, and quite frankly I'm having a really tough time getting it in the air. After a recent purchase for some brand new Wilson Staff FG Tour F5's (Driver, 3W and Hybrid) I'm thinking of shelving the 20* Hybrid for an 18* 5w. Strangely, my old driver was an 8* that I pounded until it gave out. It was over 17 years old. Great club. But I got these new Wilsons in and the 11* setting for this Driver has me carrying much further. The 3W I crush with confidence. But the Hybrid, I want to just throw in the trash. It's adjustable to 21*, so maybe I'll dial it back, add the 5W, and remove the 3i that I never take out of my bag anyway.
  15. Reef Donkey

    Reef Donkey


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