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  1. CaptainsChoice

    Your most useless Christmas golf gifts.

    I was given the potty putter due to my golf addiction 😒 however they did make it for it by buying some tees, new callaway net, and a couple other cool little items lol
  2. CaptainsChoice

    Found My Go-To Golf Balls

    I have been trying out the callaway supersoft as well. pretty good ball overall. especially for the price point you can get a dozen at
  3. CaptainsChoice

    Howdy from Texas

    welcome to the forums!! most of the kids sets are broken down into two different heights. measured from the fingertips to ground with hands down by your side. 41" is the magic number i believe. under 41" is a the smaller set. over 41" inches they need the larger kids set. Usually larger set includes more irons then the set for younger kids. taylormade, cobra, callaway all make good kids set.
  4. CaptainsChoice

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Didn't even have a score worth keeping today. Started out bogey, bogey then had two doubles. Had 2 pars after that so i thought i would get some things going and save the day but then had another double. Just didn't have anything going really today. At that point i kinda stopped playing for score and just enjoyed the day out there. Played a little better coming in at least. This was at Linrick Golf Course in Columbia, SC
  5. CaptainsChoice

    Your First Car

    1996 Ford Mustang. V6. Green
  6. Driver: 250 3 Wood: 205 -210 3 Iron: 200 4 Iron: 195 5 Iron: 185 6 Iron: 175 7 Iron: 170 8 Iron: 160 9 Iron: 150 PW: 135 GW: 120 56*: 95 60*: 80
  7. CaptainsChoice

    Favorite TV Show(s)

    not exactly sure where they have been going so far this season with that show. but i always watch the show. haven't missed a episode yet. NBC did pick up Brooklyn 99 after Fox cancelled the show following season 5, so im looking foward to that show coming back in early 2019. the first five seaons are absolutely great.
  8. CaptainsChoice

    Sports Stadium Concession Fare

    Take a look at the toasted crickets they serve at Safeco Field. Home of the Seattle Mariners
  9. CaptainsChoice


    exactly. just take some time to get back into it. it took me a couple months to find a swing again after not playing for 6 years
  10. CaptainsChoice


    Welcome to the forums!
  11. CaptainsChoice

    WITB Photo Edition!

  12. CaptainsChoice

    Looking for a New Golf Ball

    Q-Star, Callaway SuperSoft. Both decent golf balls. good price at walmart or rock bottom
  13. CaptainsChoice

    Clubs You're Most Likely to Replace Before Next Season?

    Just got new irons/wedges earlier this season and just picked up a taylormade m1 to replace my old Nike VR driver earlier this week. Gonna miss the old VR Driver though because i hit it very well. BUT......i need to find a good 3 iron. Currently have a Nike VR Pro that i just never have hit very well. looking at the taylormade p790 and really leaning towards that club lately.
  14. CaptainsChoice

    Long par 3's and trouble with hybrids

    Not sure exactly how far you hit a 6i but from 187... Take your 6i. Aim for middle of green or front middle edge. Have confidence. Crush it! Don't fear the club and let it dictate your shot. Me personally i stopped looking at the pin. Went for middle of green. Started hitting greens and building confidence. now i might look at a pin on a par three every once in a while
  15. CaptainsChoice

    Srixon Golf Balls

    played the regular q star quite a bit. performs decent for the price. never played the tour version but im assuming its slightly softer which will definately perform better on approach shots compared to the regular q star.

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