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  1. CaptainsChoice

    Long par 3's and trouble with hybrids

    Not sure exactly how far you hit a 6i but from 187... Take your 6i. Aim for middle of green or front middle edge. Have confidence. Crush it! Don't fear the club and let it dictate your shot. Me personally i stopped looking at the pin. Went for middle of green. Started hitting greens and building confidence. now i might look at a pin on a par three every once in a while
  2. CaptainsChoice

    Srixon Golf Balls

    played the regular q star quite a bit. performs decent for the price. never played the tour version but im assuming its slightly softer which will definately perform better on approach shots compared to the regular q star.
  3. CaptainsChoice

    Hey Folks

    Thats not good at all!! hopefully you can find another close to you to play. getting some more heavy rain here now thanks to hurricane michael. southeast can't catch a break right now
  4. CaptainsChoice

    Filling out My Bag of Clubs?

    3 wood (taylormade, cobra, callaway), 50* wedge (cleveland, callaway). have fun out there
  5. CaptainsChoice

    Hey Folks

    Thankfully only a couple inches of rain and some moderate wind. No damage at courses that i play at! Thanks for the welcome.
  6. CaptainsChoice

    Newbie rapid progress

    It seemed to me like breaking 90 on a constant basis came down to the mechanics of golf. i am fairly athletic as i played numerous sports growing up from baseball to football and golf as well. I could never break 90 growing up playing golf. Then again i also thought i knew everything and wouldn't take advice or pay attention to the little mechanics within a swing. With that being said i have since noticed how important the correct wrist hinge is as well as how important your right elbow (for right handed golfers) is in order to produce consistent shots. I mention the elbow specifically because i finally sat down and studied the mechanics of proper swings and noticed that though many players have different stances and grips, one thing that was almost common with every golfer was the action of that trail elbow. Take a look around on the golf digest website at the swings of the pros and pay attention to how that trail elbow works in order to make solid and powerful contact with the ball. I took six years off and just got back into golf this past summer. But after about 2 months of playing and range sessions i have finally found a stance and proper swing that has led to consistent rounds in the low to mid 80's and those scores starting showing up once i fixed that elbow from flying too far away from my body. Hope this helps you some!
  7. CaptainsChoice

    Hey Folks

    Hello all. Passionate golfer here. Just decided to join the forums and be a part of the discussions more and learn more. Just picked the game back up after taking about 6 years off. 31 years old playing around the Columbia, SC area. Back to a 12 handicap already after just this summer so time to polish off the driving and distance control on irons. Glad to be here and look foward to chatting with you guys.
  8. CaptainsChoice



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