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  1. I own a 4.5 Bronze, love the look, feel and price.
  2. Congrats on 60 and 35 years
  3. I too use Google Earth to scout the course, I have a small note book that I make notes in for the course.
  4. ~150 yard par 3 with a power line running across the hole about mid way. My ball hit the line and went straight down, no member bounce for me.
  5. As a father of a Jr golfer (11) by after the 9th hole he'd rather ride. Many courses around here offer little to no discount for Jrs.
  6. A 10x15' net between two trees, next project is to be build a proper and level hitting pad. I am going to install a section of plywood suspended between the edges of the pad to allow for give
  7. He can cook very well, last weekend he made pancakes from mix and with fresh strawberries, he can handle the BBQ and he can iron his own clothes. He'll soon learn how to do laundry as well.
  8. Great thread, my son just entered middle school this year. I remember how tough it was for me so I am giving him kudos and praise as to how well he has made the transition. My wife is struggling a bit as he is transitioning from boy to young man including an interest in girls and more of an interest in learning to be a man. We (wife and I) struggle with not riding his butt for little things. He is my main golf partner, he does chores around the house to earn his green fees. Over the summer he ran a lawn business and earned good money. I have another son 9 that has no interest in golf at this time, I spend time with him doing what he enjoys which includes video games, army men, watching Star Wars, soccer and basketball. And trips to Sonic for lunch, his favorite place. It is important to me that I spend quality time with both doing what they/we enjoy. I remind myself how I used to think that my parents did not understand or know s**t to keep it all in prospective.
  9. I have my woods on the handle side, works just fine for walking or riding. I had it the other way but the irons would bang against the shafts for the woods while walking.
  10. 6'3 225#, down from 275. I played ball at 315, but I would not have been able to swing a club when I was that big :D
  11. I lost two last weekend in the fairway due to early sun and morning dew. It is amazing how even knowing the general vicinity you still can't find the ball.
  12. Pharaohs Golf Club in Corpus Christi TX. I am sure in the 60's the course was very nice, sadly it looks like no maintenance has been done since then. Entire fairways of dirt and patch grass. The greens were all in rough shape.
  13. Back on topic... How well do the pants feel in high humidity? The "wicking" is greatly reduced.
  14. Take a wire hanger and bend it into a tight loop, then work the hanger down the shaft adding grip solvent as you go. Work all the way around until the solvent dissolves the bond between the grip and tape. It's a PITA but doable.
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