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  1. This happened to me this Saturday: I was in the middle of the fairway and I hit a 3/4 seven iron right at the hole. I thought it was going to be perfect and it ended up dropping completely short of the green and rolled down into a tiny water hazard I didn't even know was there (I know I should've, but it was raining and I was not paying as much attention as I should have). It was frustrating because it felt like one of my best shots of the day, but it actually caused a double bogey.
  2. Lower your handicap at least five stokes in one year Be the last to complete play at dusk, playing the last hole in near dark Hole out from the bunker Run out of balls Hit a least three balls in a row out of bounds Hit a drive 300 yards (even if it’s downhill, downwind on a rock-hard fairway) Call in sick to play golf Try teaching a spouse, child or friend to play Read the Rules of Golf Call a Rules violation on yourself Have your swing videotaped Break a club in anger Have a bout with the shanks Announce that you’re giving up the game Play with a
  3. I mentioned in my first post that you have to know the people that you are golfing with. If such a prank would cause them to seriously become annoyed or angry after a single time, then that would not be a person that you would joke with like that. In that way, I don't find it a breach of etiquette at all, because you know the person you're joking with won't take offense. And I've been around this site for around 3 years, now. Mostly lurking without posting, but I've been around for a while. And I stick around because there is some great information available here and I love the game
  4. People on this site are way too anal about this game. I can't say I ever do stuff like this on the golf course, but I also know that the people I play with wouldn't get bothered if I did do it once randomly during a friendly round. Joking with buddies on the golf course is half the fun. Honking a car horn is a bit excessive, though, as you may be bothering someone besides the person you intend to, and I don't find that to be in the spirit of the joke. Anyway, good advice to all: loosen up a bit. Sheesh.
  5. Money and time. I have so little of both. Also, not playing at all for half of the year kinda dampens your progress.
  6. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to leave my phone in the car for a 4 hour round of golf. I'm not going to have a casual conversation with someone while on the course, but I definitely want to have my phone available in case of emergencies. I just keep my phone on low and let people know that I'm busy and I'll call them back... takes a good 10 seconds. Never had any complaints.
  7. xstompx


    From a completely unbiased standpoint... Michigan vs. Ohio State has to be the biggest rivalry in all of sports. I also loved the Red Wings/Avalanche rivalry in the 90s. The fighting, the great games. Good stuff. Totally unbiased.
  8. I used to use my 60* 90% of the time, but over the last couple rounds I've begun to mix it up a lot more and I've had quite a bit of success. I'd say I use my PW a lot more often now and I put 2 7i's very close. My lob wedge is sad that I haven't really used it, though.
  9. Ah, it's such a great sound and makes me feel good. I'd put it up there with fixing a ball mark after a nice iron shot. Good feelings. I actually had asked my friend a couple days ago about this sound and he said that he doesn't remember ever hearing it after hitting one of his irons and I thought, since he's pretty bad, that he wasn't catching them crisply. *shrugs* Apparently others don't hear it either, though.
  10. I shot a 96 today. Driving could have been much better, but I hit my irons pretty well and gave myself a good number of chances for birdie. I missed all of them, naturally, which includes 2 holes in a row where I was within 6 feet. Overall, I would say it was mostly my wedges and my driver that cost me what could have been a pretty good round (for me)
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