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  1. Ya I checked eBay but, I'd rather give my business to someone on here because of the ridiculous share you have to give to eBay I try not to support them.
  2. Looking for a Scotty Circa 62 in a decent condition
  3. I would love to have this putter in my bag. It's gorgeous. Lowest you'll go to?
  4. Yoga is an excellent way to stay fit. I do insanity right now, and there a yoga day in the workout schedule and I sweat so damn bad but I also become way more flexible. Seems like you're doing ok in my opinion.
  5. All of my stuff got stolen last year and just bought a ton of stuff and the only things left that I need are wedges and a 3W. Preferably looking for Cleveland/Titleist/Taylormade wedges and a taylormade 3W. Thanks a lot guys gl out there.
  6. [IMG]http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e129/plark/2011-07-06_15-13-46_614.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e129/plark/2011-07-06_15-13-03_188.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e129/plark/2011-07-06_15-12-55_607.jpg[/IMG] 34 Length 4 Loft 71 Lie Need to sell ASAP! $150 OBO! 9/10 condition 1 TINY ding on top, tried taking a picture of it but it wasn't even recognizable. PM ME!
  7. They are all pretty expensive cause even the older ones are fantastic quality. ebay you can find them for about $150..
  8. LOL.. jesus. David turns golfing into a Lil Wayne concert
  9. Medical tape, inhaler, tees, balls, water bottle, sandwich/snacks, 5 colors of sharpies, rule book, paper, scorecards, and a raincoat
  10. THE BOBBY JONES! haha whoever watches the golf channel knows appreicates this name drop
  11. why you guys ragging on him for his "grammer" on a golf forum.. who cares.. if you dont understand it just say you dont understand it. its that simple.
  12. Everytime you get a new driver, ball, putter, or bag even you have to get used to.. just give it time goto the range and hit them as much as you can to get the kinks out.. I'd suggest going to get fitted with them maybe they can fix your lie/loft on your irons, maybe you should consider that
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