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  1. Jones, Snead,Nicklaus ,Palmer based on the real ambassadors of the game,. Who durring their rein took the game to the next level. Could argue this for years! Put two more faces on Mt Rushmore ant it's a breeze
  2. Those are the ones. Yes they have a great look but they don't have that distinctive sweet spot feel. Hard to describe. Kind of like hitting with aluminum shafts.
  3. I have played Wilson blades since 1989. My wife bought me a set for my birthday at that time I was an 8 handicap with in a year I went to a 3 handicap. No doubt Wilson staff blades are the best golf irons ever made (pre 1994). I have had almost every make of blade in my bag at one time or another. Early mizuno blades com close mcgreggors close third but nothing like staffs except the 74's don't know what happened there but I've tried 2 sets of those and they were terrible. To say you can't play staff blades today and be competitive is wrong. My handicap now is 11. That is from lack of practice and age. 2 years ago I went to a " more forgiving set". And my game went to snot! I found a mint set of progressive irons a few months later and all is well.
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