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  1. MCrisp

    Bad Golf Day

    Well I will say yesterday was a bad golf day but today was amazing !!!!
  2. MCrisp

    My Swing (MCrisp)

    Thanks for the tip. After the back stops hurting maybe I’ll do a recording
  3. MCrisp

    Bad Golf Day

    Well said!! Will remember this!
  4. MCrisp

    My Swing (MCrisp)

    Not sure if I’m doing this right but I was told to start a member swing thread i am so new to golf I have no stats or ball flight. Just the urge to get out of bed every morning and hit balls for hours then straight to work. I read golf books when I’m not at the course and now started watching golf on tv. It has become my life obsession. I used to hate it. Thought it was so boring. But I keep going back and got a bag and clubs and a glove and every single day I’m working on improving my swing so I can go out on the course. I’ve had 2 bad golf days in 3 months. Today was one of them. I am doubting my abilities as I am 32, a personal trainer/chef, and never played a sport in my life. I couldn’t hit the balls today. My practice swings were perfect but when it cane time to hit the ball I froze. I am very self conscious, let’s just say I’m a brunette with 9% body fat and long hair. People stare. I hate it. Feel like I’m being judged. How do I block that out? Help!
  5. MCrisp

    Bad Golf Day

    Thanks will do!
  6. MCrisp

    Bad Golf Day

    Must be a good book! Look at those amazon prices!! 😱 will buy ASAP
  7. MCrisp

    Bad Golf Day

    So I’m still a beginner at about 2 1/2 months in I practice three hours every single day learning my irons and spending a lot of money on balls and I was wondering what does everyone do when you have a perfect day and then you have a terrible day or in or you just cannot hit anything right and then you’re crushed and you want to quit but you know you’re going to be there early in the morning the next day but your soul just feels crushed
  8. Kiva is fantastic also Craft Farms, Pensinsula, Lost Key, Perdido Bag area courses. But Kiva is the most beautiful
  9. MCrisp

    Hey Folks

    My course was closed!!!!!! In south alabama
  10. MCrisp

    Beginner and obsessed

    Barely any rain and I work on the water. Got lucky. Golf course was closed though. 🙄
  11. MCrisp

    Beginner and obsessed

    South Alabama 🙂 Near gulf shores
  12. MCrisp

    Beginner and obsessed

    My husband plays golf and has played golf for over five years and he’s the best golfer I know and something made me go out and hit a bucket of balls a couple months ago and Since that day I’ve been at the driving range every single day for at least three hours and I cannot stop and I want to be the very best however it is so hard and I’ve tried so many clubs and finally settled with a good starter set and am now developing a swing. I have severe anxiety being a female and the only female at the course I play it , all the other members are very old men, But I cannot stop thinking about golf I watch it on TV I’ve subscribed to golf digest and I watch YouTube videos and I stop at the golf shops all the time and I just want my swing so I can start playing holes.....when will it happen. I mean I get my balls in the air most of the time and I can drive but when people say you haven’t developed to swing it really drives me nuts

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