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  1. Sup everyone. I'm here so let me introduce myself. I'm Caroll from US, New Orleans. I love golf and I'm just looking around to see what's up. Thanks you guys for this awesome forum and useful treads, wanna to talk with everyone here:)
  2. Hey there. I am looking at getting the Callaway X20 Irons and just had a couple questions for anyone that might have the answers. First was is there a big difference between the new groove and old groove style? Second was I have looked on some online sites as well as EBAY and have seen two different variations of the clubs. I saw some sets with the blue X on the club and other sets with the black X. Does anyone know if one or the other is a fake or is this how Callaway does it, different sets different colors? Might be a dumb question but don't want to be screwed over by someone selling them on ebay. It costs $370 for the 4-SW, steel shaft. I need to call them because I ordered them last night and now they are free shipping. http://www.hurricanegolf.com/callaway-x-20-steel-iron-set.html Thanks
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