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  1. The high five afterwards left a slight sting...looked like sorority girls out for a night. One reason given for the rush to play was they were waiting on Wie to get her ruling anyway? Say that a few times out loud before shaking your head!
  2. Awesome thread!! even after all these years. Adjusting my grip, I find the most difficult thing is the straight long left thumb (right handed). When I stretch it down the shaft that far, it feels almost as if my whole hand is pulled out and up if that makes sense. The feeling is so different and I'm trying hard to reset my mind and what I think I feel... Thanks again @mvmac!
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  4. My book was a good friend during Jury Duty this week..... awesome book you guys! Reading through the data, game plans and strategy disproved my long held beliefs such as PGA tour being a big putting contest, Par 3's are no different type of holes just to name a few. Rereading some of the chapters again already...
  5. I cannot say enough good things about this thread and am thankful for the OP starting it! Everything I have done with a bum shoulder leads to steep and more steepness... it's pathetic really. But after watching the videos and the discussion about the swing it has been eye opening. Here is another video that has helped me clean up my takeaway (which was way inside). All of these things have given me hope...
  6. We have played the family of courses at Gull Lake for 24 years now. Really enjoy it and they are pretty easy to deal with. Our group has grown from 8 to now 20 guys.
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