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  1. Thanks for the response. So there is no rules being broken by the caddy picking the line for the players. Thanks
  2. With the new rules I know a caddy will be allowed to mark a ball for the player on the putting green / clean and replace. When replacing the ball can they use a line on the golf ball to help aim a putt for the player? So essentially the caddy is helping the player set up a line. My kid plays junior golf and see lots of parents do this. Is this legal now and moving forward even with the rules prohibiting caddy’s from helping with alignment? thanks
  3. @Missouri Swede at @ColinL thanks for posting. I assume also if in the fairway or tee box a caddy could be off to the side and also say “a little right a little left”. Seems the rule regards to just being directly behind the player
  4. Had a question about the new caddy rule and lining up a player. I understand it for the most part but if I am standing in front of my player for example on a putting green and the hole is between us once they take there stance would I be able to direct them verbally since I am not standing behind the player. Also could I direct them from some other position like from the side. I guess does this rule just prohibit giving alignment advice from behind the player? Was just a bit confused on this. Thanks for help on this and here is the rule. 2019 Rule: Under Rule 10.2b(4): The current prohibition will be extended so that, once the player begins taking a stance for the stroke, and until the stroke is made, the player’s caddie must not deliberately stand on or close to an extension of the line of play behind the ball for any reason. There will be no penalty if the caddie accidentally stands on or close to an extension of the line of play behind the ball, rather than in trying to help in lining up. Reasons for Change: Although a player may get advice from a caddie on the shot to be played, the line of play and similar matters, the ability to line up one’s feet and body accurately to a target line is a fundamental skill of the game for which the player alone should be responsible. Allowing a caddie to stand behind a player taking a stance so as to direct the player how to line up undermines the player’s need to use his or her own alignment skills and judgment. We believe that an appropriate line is drawn between allowing advice from a caddie and prohibiting the caddie from being involved in directing the player in the act of taking a stance to play the ball.
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