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  1. IcyInMyEyes

    Avengers: Infinity War

    I didn’t really need that explained to me… considering the film did that. BUT, did anyone else feel like the Hulk that confronted Thanos wasn’t the FULL Hulk? He didn’t seem as rage-y, or even as massive as normal. That was my rationale for why Thanos whooped him anyway
  2. IcyInMyEyes

    Tech deals thread

    Found this beauty - https://slickdeals.net/f/12115864-teac-turntables-tn-400s-belt-driven-turntable-w-s-shaped-tonearm-224-or-tn-100b-78-free-s-h?src=frontpage at $224, good deal?
  3. IcyInMyEyes

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Yeah, I watched it, pretty holding. But as it tends now in a most mass media, graphics ----> plot
  4. IcyInMyEyes

    Nintendo Switch - $230 - is this a good deal?

    Yes if it in a good state and working well
  5. IcyInMyEyes


  6. IcyInMyEyes

    "Zen" Series by Joseph Parent

    There are better books about golf, for example Life is Not a Game of Perfect or Putting Out of Your Mind
  7. IcyInMyEyes


    Hello Everyone! I'm a blogger running my own website about home improvement, electronics, appliances, and everything you need for even more comfortable life. Every day, I search for best products you can buy online and try to figure out their pros and cons, based on reliable sources and customer reviews.

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