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  1. Any feedback welcome. Please. How can I stop yanking every other ball left? And need input on how to stop the fat shot and hit it more crisp. Help please thanks!
  2. I fight the same problem. Your backswing looks good, til the top, shorten it up a bit like chspeed said. When you get to the start of your downswing you're rerouting from one Swing plane to another that's more outside than the path you started your swing with. Try to keep your right elbow tucked into your side as you start the downswing. Also a good drill to get the feel for a inside to out downswing is to set up to the ball then put your left foot 1" forward and your right foot 1" back. Only reason I know any of this is because I'm trying to fix the same thing. I reroute the club at the top and change my swing path coming across the ball except in my case the result is a straight pull. Good luck! Just to be clear, left foot 1 inch towards the ball, and your right foot 1 inch back away from ball
  3. I've been Playing Golf for: just started playing again after 20 years. Since I am starting from scratch I'm trying to develop a simple consistent swing that's easy to repeat. My current handicap index or average score is: probably 20ish. Used to be 11 My typical ball flight is: like to hit down hard on the ball. Capable of high and low fade, baby draw when I have to. Prefer to play the ball left to right. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to develop confidence with long irons and driver. My poor swing is usually hit fat or pulled. I think my tempo is too fast which causes me to reroute at the top.
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