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  1. Ok, so in our future updates v2 we’ll allow the app to work in landscape. Hopefully this will solve your issues :) At the the moment I appreciate your tenacity. I didn’t realise so many would want the footage in landscape.
  2. Hey Guys, Sorry I haven’t chimed in here lately. Just been quite busy with the show and whatnot. Was really cool to see it being used in the gym! Love to hear more about that and how people are using it for other applications. Nevets can you explain to me what’s wrong with your recordings. I’m not sure i understand the need for the extra phone on the tripod you were talking about? Also, everyone please fire your questions or suggestions at me. I think after the show and now that we have more users, its pretty clear what I need to change and update but always wanting to hear more. cheers, Toby
  3. Hey, I’m the founder of Mirror Vision. I’d be happy to answer any questions. You’re correct, it is real time video feedback. We’ll be launching early November. Cheers

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