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  1. Thanks a lot folks for your valuable feedback! After much digging around, I am now considering the Ping i25 irons, mainly because I really love their look plus it seems i can grow into them and they are fairly adjustable. I am not sure how solid this decision is, but they seem somewhat affordable and great reviews. If anyone has any feedback concerning this, it'd be highly appreciated as well!
  2. hi @ChetlovesMer thanks for your reply. Yes I have played with 3 sets to date. The Spalding, Adamsgolf Idea A-something (which I kind of loved for the reason the flight was quite great but I wasn't a fan of how they sat on the ground with the huge head - it affected my grip somewhat). Lastly, I hit a few shots with some Mizuno blades and absolutely loved the sound and feedback they gave me but they are quite punishing on bad strokes. Given that I have been thinking of taking a risk and getting some blades as I see they are what low handicappers use, but i'm not sure how wise that would be and whether one can grow into them ---- and lastly, if that is provides the shortest route to getting real good.
  3. Hi guys, I started playing golf quite regularly for the last couple of months. I had been using an Adamsgolf bag, some GI irons but because the bag was quite mixed, my coach - who is a 3 handicap - advised it's best to use a complete set then switch later. As such I went back to my Spalding set, a real beginner set that I bought for cheap. For the last 2 months, I have worked on my swing quite a lot with some improvements, however, I have a nagging feeling that even that improvement is being limited by my equipment. Now i am at a point of mulling buying new clubs but unsure which direction to look. What i should I base a new set on? I live in a country where we don't have a reputable pro shop so i'm unable to go somewhere and try out different sets, and have them adjusted specifically for me. Looking at clubs online there is quite a bit of jargon i don't fully understand yet, there are the big brands, then the cast vs forged, bladed talk. What is the best brand when it comes to golf clubs? I am looking at buying a set that can hopefully take me into single digit handicap territory, I set I can grow with. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Started playing this year so i am currently working on my swing. Goals for 2019: 1. Play a round a week 2. Reduce handicap from 24 to 14. Will achieve this by lots of practice, I intend to hit the range every other day and the gym when i am not at range. 3. Improve short game. 150 yards in, I need to be attacking the flag to a point i don't 2 putt 50% of the time.
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