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  1. Thanks for the reply guys! I'll definitely check out the Noodle ball! True, I guess there isnt a point to playing a specific ball for consistency if you swap it out sometimes.
  2. I played 18 today in St. Louis at Gateway National. I teed off at 12:30pm and it was 26 degrees with snow flurries flying everywhere in the air. The first 6 holes were cold and tested my resolve to get out and play... Once it stopped snowing the sun came out and warmed up to the low 40s. I wasn't too concerned with my score today was just happy to get out playing. After I finished the round, I tallied up my score and shot 84 (+13), 45 on the front nine and 39 on the back! Easily my best score ever and in the worst conditions I have ever played in! What a funny game golf is! The sad thing
  3. I upgraded my irons, added a 3 hybrid, and bought a new driver for Christmas. Still haven't been able to play a round with them. I don't know why I'm living in St. Louis 😞
  4. I feel like I'm the odd one out here... 90% of the time I'll use my 60 around the greens. Guess it explains why my scores are so much worse!
  5. I have a driver swing speed of ~105 mph. Will Q-Star still work?
  6. Thinking of gaming either the Z-star or the Q-star... Anyone know their swing speed ranges for optimal ball performance?
  7. That's a good idea. I'll give it a try! Any recommendations on a lower spinning ball? I've been thinking about getting used srixon z-stars from lostgolfballs.com
  8. Hey guys! I was just wondering at what skill level should someone start playing the same ball? I started playing golf last June and have made decent progress on my game. Right now, I'll use any old ball I find lying around on the course, and I can certainly tell the difference between different golf balls. I don't know if buying a particular ball will help my game because on average I'll lose 4 (give or take) balls a round. Any input or advice would be much appreciated, thanks!
  9. Thank you! I will try my best to stay active on the site! My mistake! Hopefully this disease has more happy days than sad in store for me! Thanks! I'll check it out! Instructional material is exactly what I need...
  10. Hey guys! I decided to finally make an account after reading forums as a guest for the past few months. I am graduate student that decided to take up a golf this summer as a new hobby... Little did I know that I would become obsessed with the game! I hit the driving range at least a few times a week and am always reading up or watching new golf videos. I am looking forward to chatting with you guys about all things golf and hopefully you'll be able to see my handicap drop 😁
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