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  1. I was recently on a golf trip to Portugal where I hired some clubs. The driver was a TM aeroburner with a Matrix Speed Rul-Z 50 R flex. I don't seem to be able to find one for sale online or ebay. Assuming this shaft has been dis-continued does anybody know of a similar Matrix shaft that may be very similar to the above? I have a TM M1 and I am keen on changing the shaft.
  2. Just to update everyone who was kind enough to respond I am due to go for a wrist arthroscopy on 19th Dec. There is a chance they still won't find anything to diagnose the problem but I am trying not to think about that as that would mean no more golf! ps. I had 10 sessions of acupuncture and while it helped ease the pain after I aggravated it when last trying to hit a ball it didn't help with the recovery of the main problem (I went to the range after 9 sessions and it took only 6 PW/7Iron shots for the pain to return).
  3. @Valleygolfer thanks for your response. I initially thought it was TFCC as all the symptoms I have are the same as what I have read about TFCC injuries. I will ask the question again when I next see the consultant. I have got a ‘wrist-widget’ which I wear on and off but I will wear it more often and also through the night from now on. Has anyone tried acupuncture? It’s probably a long shot but I’d try anything at the minute.
  4. @ValleygolferYes, push ups hurt to the point where I haven't done any for a long long time. When I have aggravated the wrist by trying to hit a few balls I have pain for a few days after when turning door handles, pouring/lifting a kettle, lifting pan off the oven etc. - anything that compresses the hand towards the ulnar side of my arm. hi @Vinsk nerve conduction studies haven't been mentioned. I explained that the pain was so bad I thought it might be something to do with a nerve but the consultants seem to have ruled this out because I haven't had any numbness or 'pins &
  5. RyW


  6. Thank you for your response. They have commented that ECU tendon was 'pain free and stable' and the recent ultrasound suggested that the tendons were o.k. (they said if they weren't then they wouldn't be giving me the steroid injection). The first consultant I saw thought it may be a fracture in the hook of hamate bone but the radiographer and second consultant did not agree. I cannot remember a particular incident as it initially came on gradually during a round. It was winter at the time so it could have been the result of hitting the ground or mat but I can also remember the area being
  7. I have had extreme pain for almost two years when hitting a golf ball to the point where couldn't play in any club competitions in 2017 and have only attempted a few this year. The pain is on the ulnar side of the wrist around the pisiform and PT joint. I have had an X-ray, MRI scan and two CT scans which have all come back 'fine' and therefore the two consultants I have seen have been unable to diagnose what the problem is. Day to day activities are not affected, there isn't any pain when pressing around the affected areas (making the consultants job even harder) but the pain when
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