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  1. How to make a yardage book?

    I usually try and go to google earth and use the ruler function to measure the important points on the course. I would also try and use google maps to make a layout of each hole. Play the course, and make notes.
  2. Used Bridgestone j36 Irons

    My buddy has the J36 cavity backs. I have to say they are awesome. If I were you, I'd go for them.
  3. 62 at U.S. Amateur

    FAIRFIELD CA!!! That's the way to do it. I've seen so many rounds low this year, it's amazing to watch and hear about.
  4. I have a VR 60, as well as a couple of vokeys (as seen in the sig), and I love them equally as much. I haven't really liked the Clevelands. My main grudge against it is the roundish leading edge, and those stupid (imo) lines on the CG15's. Does the thing really have to say laser milled 5 times? A lot of people like vokeys, and that would be my vote.
  5. Nike Golf Ball question

    e6? Soft? The e6 is a rock. If you're looking to get less side spin, then try top flites.
  6. Career round today 8/21/10

    Good job, I like to see people improving. I myself is stuck in a rut (that sounded odd). It looks like it's about time to go hit the range with nothing but a six iron and a bucket of 150... Back on topic, I shot the same 82 at a course from the tips, but they played 6100, and 120ish slope. congrats on your low score!
  7. Best way to learn how to up and down

    My friend and I developed a game to help with Ups and Downs. We call it, appropriately, the up and down game. Find a green that you can chip and putt on, and for every up and down you get, you are awarded 1 point. If you chip and two putt, you get no points. If you three putt, you get negative one points, and so on. After a while, you get good at chipping it close.
  8. Bunker Shots

    I play them like flops, and swing about 101%. It helps to know that you will get the ball to the hole.
  9. Did my own wedge stamping...

    Make sure the wedges are softer steel, or you might screw it up. Which I have learned the hard way.
  10. Did my own wedge stamping...

    Just stamped my initials on my VR but it's looking bare. I want something else, but I don't know what. And you guys have to help me stamp it.
  11. Shaft extender for a wedge, new VR forged 60.06 from eBay, grips, grip removal tools, and a Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound.
  12. 2010 PGA Championship

    Saw Sergio screw up, but where is the live coverage?
  13. 2010 PGA Championship

    I want to see this tantrum. Are you guys watching on PGA tour.com? The link isn't working for me right now.
  14. PGA Superstore...Heaven

    Oh my god, that is amazing. I need to go to one. And I though golf galaxy was amazing.
  15. good fairway wood

    I liked the TM burner 07. The feel of it is great, although the face looks shut at address. The ball comes off the face super fast, and it has a nice sound. Another option would be the Adams Speedline Fast 10.