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  1. Slim. Your takeaway with the club, parallel to the ground, looks awesome to me! Keep up the hard work and rooting for YOU.
  2. I just joined up but I thought that this was Slim_Pivots thread and he posted first, and anyone can chime in. I don't understand what you're trying to tell me. It's your "page" or your website? No disrespect intended here bud. Let me know the process and will adjust.
  3. Going with Pelz on this one. "Pelz Golf Institute research has proven that golfers lose almost 80 percent of their shots to par inside of 100 yards from the hole". I would bring a wedge and a putter if I had to choose only two clubs. Replace the putter with a 6i or 7i if no putting green available. Wedge and 7i for me!
  4. Now this post is about the 6i FO latest swing by Slim_Pivot. I was just commenting on the release and shorter takeaway. Looks like Slim_Pivot just passively let's the club go (turned it over) and busted one. Can you show some tour swings FO for me post impact, with the arm parallel to the ground and club head in view, to examine please? You have an amazing library of stills. I want to see if the palm of the left hand (for a righty) is facing the camera on these snap shots. If it is, I just can't understand how it did not turn over via forearm rotation without spinning out the hips to an extreme position. I just want to see it to believe it. Trying to learn here and understand.
  5. Can anyone chime in and talk about the position that Slim_Pivot is trying to replicate with the club parallel to the right forearm coming down? Is the high camera angle giving the illusion that that's where it actually is or is it higher up and maybe more like Duff?
  6. I agree. This is a no brainer and anyone that thinks otherwise is, uhh. Won't say it but we know. Short game is critical to scoring. You can hit it long off the tee all day long but, if you can't get it on the green after that and at least two putt, it is simply a waste. "Hey man, nice drive and sorry you made a big number."
  7. Exactly! Rant fever! I'm digging on this Rant Thread. You're a Hyper-Focused dude. I like it!!
  8. No, I don't "think" your score will drop. I know they will drop. Hank Haney Cool-Aid: "What's you're big miss" approach and I can dig on that. Blow up holes destroy rounds. We all have them in one form or another. I actually flew with Charles Barkley when he was on the phone with Hank before they shot the series. We had an interesting conversation until he asked me what my handicap was. Mine is nothing to brag about ( and don't believe it should be used as a blunt instrument to prove your view is correct ) but the conversation mellowed out. Shame the focus has to be on that sort of thing when it's not about that. Good luck with your game man!!
  9. Thanks for posting that. Now I know what you're trying to do. The club is running parallel and you're using bisecting to describe that position. You're working on swing plane so I can tell you how to check for a good swing plane with confidence. Place the camera behind your hands and point it straight down the target line. Draw a line with a swing app, I use V1 golf, from the hosel of the club and extend it to you're lower right elbow and stretch the line all the way up. That's your elbow plane and the closer you can stay on that line coming down the better. It may shallow below it during your transition which is fine, depending on your unique swing or above it if you are casting the club. So to be clear , hosel to right elbow and draw a nice straight line across those two spots from DTL. Can't tell but you may be trying to get under plane and getting too shallow. That line is your guide to good swing plane. Every swing is unique but that shaft needs to be getting near that line when the plane is coming down at some point. If you get dead on it when your hands are approaching your right hip, you're good.
  10. Are you trying to bisect your lower forearm? ( not sure how that's even possible by coming down your elbow plane) it should be your right bicep. Maybe I'm just not understanding you correctly. In the model swing you did bisect your bicep ( upper half of the arm) and it was on plane. Now with a ball in the way I can tell you why it gets steeper. You are trying to hit a ball and your right arm is firing to soon and wanting to take over for power but you don't need to do that. The right arm needs to stay passive until you post and release. It will only steepen the shaft if you don't wait. Your left arm needs to be the dominant player up until the last moment then you can use your right side to generate more speed by releasing the snot out of the golf club. If you want to try something, hit some at a little slower speed and keep your right arm quiet and see if you have improvement. One drill would be to hit some easy ones with just your right finger tips touching the grip. The challenge is to break through with a ball in the way. It takes time, stay patient with it. But right arm dominance early in the swing causes the shaft to get steep.
  11. Sorry to hear that mate. Wow. Well, like you said, you had some bad coaching that held you back. I had the same thing happen to me and it sucks. I'm at 2 months in now with my RST rebuild. My goal is to be hitting short shots at 4 months and then full at 6 months with a tour caliber swing. The coolest thing was I got five free online reviews when I signed up. I just purchase three at a time as I need them. Good luck with the changes and looking forward to seeing you're progress.
  12. That's great man! And that's how it should happen. When you post up on that lead leg it will turn it loose without any conscious effort for effortless distance. Much shorter takeaway. You're a hard working dude. I wish I could hit full shots but I'm still on my Step 4.
  13. I can see that you are releasing the club and rotating it through impact really well. Looks like you took the turf after the strike. Did you feel like you compressed the ball pretty good?
  14. I'll bite one last time. I agree 100% with you mate and thank you for that. That's why he needed the ball to get out of his way so he can improve and get his brain to process the correct moves and be able to replicate it, after many reps, with a golf ball out of the way. When he saw that change, I suspect he got super excited that hope is still alive and "what do I do next?.The golf club is stupid. It does what your body tells it to do. The more you machine gun those balls with a bad swing, the harder it is to unwind it. I totally agree with what you just posted. I'm hanging in your home town man on business man. Super jealous....impeccable weather. I'm gonna try that scooter rental.
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