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  1. Still playing at withington mate? @TheEvilGenius I've just joined too!
  2. That's true, I don't mind paying a bit more because I know i'll get the use out of it, however I was thinking about going 2nd hand as I can get a SF Tec G series for £100
  3. I do like it but I was thinking £30 difference is worth it?
  4. Literally don't know what to go for? I got fitted at the weekend and tried both seemed to hit the G series a bit better, but I've compared prices and I get can the G400 for only £30 extra and I'ce watched loads of review videos on both but still can't decide. I'm a very heavy slicer and the SF Tec helped loads, if i'm making an investment I want to make sure its for the right driver, been playing for a year now and I shoot anywhere between 100-110. Any advice?
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