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  1. Lefty4life

    Top Golf Auburn Hills, Michigan

    My Stepson and I went on a Saturday a couple of weekends ago . They told us 45min wait , we figured we would wait and check it out . The wait was less than 15min. It was fun but take your own clubs ,the clubs have so much offset they were hard to not hook. Made for practice, probably not, made for fun while still golfing definitely. My Stepson wants to have his 30th Birthday party there in March which will be fun.
  2. Lefty4life

    What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

    2019 goals 1. More FIR , less penalties off the tee ( duck hook ) 2. Getting closer with my chips to insure one putt 3. Building a more compact consistent swing with consistent distances 4. Higher GIR from 140-160 5. Join a golf club
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