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  1. Can I use my pitching wedge from the sand and closer short game shots or do I need to go out and get a sand wedge too?? If so what is a good SW for around 100.00 and under I am a beginner with a high handicap
  2. I am for sure saving for the golf shop on this weekend!!!
  3. I got my first par this year on a TP5 tour ball, loved it but couldn't afford to pay the premium for a box every time. I was recommended to try the Srixon ball as well, maybe I will try a lower end ball of theirs!! maybe next year I will try them, thanks for the info!!!
  4. What I love about Golf?? I love the challenges that every new round and course brings, I love being in the outdoors and away from work, and I can just be me and enjoy the game we all love playing!!!
  5. Being new to golf I wanted to trim down my golf ball buying to two kinds and I found them. The Maxfli Softfli I was recommended by one of my co workers at work to try it out so I biught a couple dozen boxes to try them out and wow they were sure different then what I thought, the softness is great, the green control was even better!!! I also wanted to try Callaway's Supersoft ball and wow another great one that I found to be a longer distance like the Softfli nice and soft, also found both to be a straighter distance. I was getting nice ball flight off the tee, off the fairway which I lack but either its the golf ball or I am getting a little better each time I play!!!
  6. actually golf shopping for apparel and equipment!!!!! Can never have too many golf shirts.
  7. Hello all my name is Jake I am a 32 year old newbie to golf and let me say I can say I kinda am obsessed with the game!! I go to bed thinking golf, I wake up shopping for golf stuff, I read golf magazines, and play almost every day I have off of work which is once or twice a week!!! But I don't take the game too serious cause I am out to get better and have as much fun as possible. I love golf!!!! Also glad to be here cause sometimes I live in the sand/bunker!!!
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