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  1. Well after back to back 86s at two different courses. Followed up past week with a 95, 102, 101. I was hitting my irons well with the 86s. Now I'm chunking, or hitting a weak fade coming up 10-20 yards short. Idk what's going on. Kind of feels like my weight is hanging back too much and/or my swing feels too steep
  2. Shot an 86 last week, first time breaking 90 this season. Shooting a 39 on back nine was a great accomplishment for me. First time ever breaking 40 on a 9. Front I had 4 doubles in a row from 6-9. 9th hole is a uphill par 5. Duck hook driver 120 yards into right rough. Then 3 straight tops. Now I'm shooting 5 from 165 yards away,thinking here it is, the ultimate blowup. Stuck the green and 2 putted for a 7, crisis avoided. I was walking and pushing a cart, my out of shape a** must not like swinging a club while huffing for air in the Florida like humidity 😂 Scoring
  3. I'm the same way. Get stuck behind slow play and I just lose interest
  4. Played Stony Ford course today. ( barely made 640 tee time after seeing a 1 car wreck so I pulled over to call and help the patients). Shot my best round 86. Thought the wheels fell off holes 6-9, then somehow went +3 on the back 9
  5. Last summer at West Point NY. Friend and I did a twilight 4pm after work. Was a 2sum ahead of us. About 12th hole we finally asked if they wanted to pair up to hopefully get 18 in. They politely declined, and told us to play through being they just messing around with their 7 irons. Realized one of them was the Colonel of West Point. So now on a tee on a par 3, Colonel watching....hosel rocket directly into the woods 😑😑😂. He chuckled and said to hit another, thankfully I stuck it to the green.
  6. At the end of last season in NY. I broke 90 a few times. Haven't done it yet this year. Lowest is 93. I'm averaging 1.9 putts per hole, triple putt once, maaaaybe twice per round this year. Early in season, my iron game was atrocious. Zero solid contact, all thin, fat or shanks. For some reason, being off for a few months for winter, I guess I forgot ball position. This year I tried setting up standard, ball more towards middle, never really realized how far up I played it last season. Now I got it more towards my front foot, than middle. For some reason, I can not sync my
  7. Sunday, 18th hole at Indian Preserve in Mims, Florida. Par 5. Nice drive that hung on to the left side of fairway, any more oomph, possibly roles off into water. Now 240 yards away with water all the way down tbe left side, im lefty, so kind of intimidating. Said screw it, im not on vacation to be a wimp. Took out 3 wood. Hit it absolutely flush, ball trajectory straight as an arrow going to green, lands before green, and then runs up to the left of the flag, about 15 feet. Go for eagle putt, almost went to walk it in and lips out, you son of a.....lol
  8. Played at The Majors in Palm Bay,Florida. Course was is bad shape. Anyway, shot my best 9 hole interval score of 42 on the front. Driver sucked tho. Back 9 everything went to hell, shot a 55. Should have played more smart, lots of blind shots, driver duck hook city, hazards and hazards. Including one chip over bunker onto downhill green, rolled right by flag, down off the green into the water, doh!. My iron striking again was great for me, almost all were flushed. Just got to figure out my duck hook situation. Driver was my best club for 3 years, now it's the worst. Club fa
  9. Visiting Florida from NY. Played Indian River Preserve. Shot a 93, best of my year so far. Problems off the tee with driver on most for whatever reason, snap hooks for 175 yards, but stayed in play. Got 2 birdies, both par 5 (only 2 tee shots with Driver that were good). Both I was on in 2 with Driver then 3H. Then Driver 3w on 18th hole, which I lipped out the 15 foot eagle putt for a tap in birdie. Also had 32 putts which is great for me. Slowly getting better at putting by getting the speed right
  10. Got stuck behind an outing today, apparently was a last minute booking. we were the first group after the outing. Still teed off at 1209 scheduled. Unfortunately the Group ahead of us, and ahead of them SUCKED. Scramble format, and their best shots were 75 yards off the tee. Then they would wait for the green to clear 200 yards out just to hit 4 shanks. 5 and a half hours later! 95 degrees today in NY. If I didn't pay and drive over an hour, I would have walked off after it took an hour to do 3 holes. Oh and yea, had to call club house because they drove across the first green
  11. Love my sky caddie on the course. Had an update today, and apparently it can receive notifications now. I've always easily been able to sync it through WiFi. However it will not sync in Bluetooth, which I believe will not allow it to receive message notifications from my phone. Anyone have an idea? I tried contacting support through a chat window online, all he said was to reset phone and watch, didnt work. Nothing else. I might get a better answer from the tree in my front lawn than sky caddies help dept
  12. Tour trek...and I agree with u on iron covers. Ill never use them lol
  13. I get frustrated and rattled after several terrible shots. Usually wait until the 16th and 17th hole to make amazing shots that sucker me right back in to keep on playing this sh***y game
  14. Hey, two weeks from now ill be flying into Florida from NY. I bought a hybrid style travel bag. Hard top and rest is soft. Anybody have any tricks to maybe not get any damage to clubs from the airline worker tossing the bag like he's on the Highland Games?. I saw rubber bands holding a few together, socks on club heads. Any travel veteran have some neat tips? Thanks
  15. sweet video. A lot of help. My ball position is probably another quarter of a roll toward, maybe a tad less, but same concept. Actually makes me feel better, seeing that I'm not the only one who sets up like this
  16. Ha, I did this the other day with my friend. Struggled all day with chunks and shanks. Hole #11 here comes the beer cart lady. Bought a beer, turned to my friend and said "watch this". I pounded the beer, walked up to ball in fairway, no practice swing. Just hit the ball without a care and dropped it right on the green.
  17. Break 85 and have confidence in my wedge game, the 60-90 yard shots kill me mentally
  18. I don't have a handicap, not into playing tournaments and league. However, I will not take a gimme for par or better. Even bogeys if I'm having a good game by my standards. If I'm blowing up every other hole, and someone says "thats good" from 3 feet out while I'm on my 7th stroke, im picking up just to make it less frustrating
  19. I noticed the same when I bought these one lengths. My distance dropped at the range, and weirdly my 5i was shorter than my 6i. Last season I played ball position foward with the OLs. Iron play was pretty good for me, third season and shooting mid upper 80s. Start of this season was atrocious, went back to foward ball position (Idk why I tried standard ball position in first place). Last time out, most of my iron shots were flush, high and long. It was so flush I was adding 10-15 yards from last season. I had an uphill, 145 yard to middle approach, from the rough. Pin
  20. Hey everyone, yesterday, my gap wedge found rocks under the surface and dinged it good. If I knew there were rocks, I would have moved it a couple inches being I'm just a casual weekend warrior that doesn't track handicap. What do you all do if you come across a situation, where your ball is next to rocks, roots or anything else that can damage clubs from the ground. (Not talking about trees interfering with swing). I got friends that also play casually, but call me a cheater, blah blah blah. Sorry, I pay to play, pay for my equipment and I won't win anything. Obviously tourney rul
  21. Shot a 97. 51 on front, 46 on back. I'm happy being this is my first time in 5 days on the course where I actually hit my irons well. I struggled bad with the chunk and shanks. Yesterday were way more flush. Unfortunately my tee shots were below average for me, I'm usually solid with a driver. Game never comes together all at once lmao. As you can see the back 9 I started out great by my standards, then the wheels fell off at 16. Thinned tee shot at 17 that went way over green and gone. Re teed and stuck it within 10 feet. 18 I tried to drive the green and hit a seri
  22. Shot 99 Sunday. Front 9 was awful with 52. Back 47. Birdied a par 5 hole 16. 220 yards uphill through 2 strategically placed trees on fairway. One of those "I have a window and I'm going for it because today sucks already". Struck perfect with my 3h, through the gap, pin high on green. Left 15 foot eagle putt 4 feet short🤦
  23. Thanks for quick response. I'll try to get a swing video. I actually tried to do one yesterday with my phone in super slow motion, but it only shoots like 5 seconds at a time, and it's not enough time for me to hit record, run over to ball and hit lmao. I'm sure there's a way to do it, sadly I'm 33 years old and not big into these smart phones. Maybe I'll get my wife, to her likely disappointment, show me or record me
  24. Hello everyone. I have a set of Cobra F8 one lengths (drunk black Friday online purchase lol). Ditched my starter set for these. When I catch them flush, I love them. However, I think its weird how I hit them. I can only hit them well if I play them basically at my front foot. I'm saying about 2 ball lengths back from driver set up. If I try to position the ball in 7iron setup on all clubs like they supposed to, its thin, fat , shank. I been playing for 3 years, no lessons, just a weekend warrior, end of last season I had a few 87-89 rounds. Has anyone else seen setups like this,
  25. Hello everyone. Towards of end of this summer was my first time picking up golf clubs. I bought a Callaway Strata beginner set to try the game out. I am glad to say I am enjoying it. I will just discuss driving in this topic, irons and short game are another monster I'm working on. I like to keep score thru 9 hole intervals and try to not lose balls. My score shouldn't come to anyone's surprise that I'm all over the place. Any where from 52-60+ thru 9. Most times I got a terrible slice driving the ball about 225 yards. I went to a simulator to try drivers. I'm 5'5 145lbs an
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