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  1. I golf in Louisiana, and there are 3-4 solid months where the temperature gets into the 90s. There are also days where temps get into the 100s with the heat index. For me, hydration starts the day before. This means, not drinking any alcoholic beverages the night before. I feel if I have an alcoholic beverage the night before, than I will be playing catch up with my hydration status on the course. So drinking on the course is not an option either. One other comment I wanted to make, is if you live in these type of temperatures you should get used to the weather. If you stay indoors all the time and decide to go golfing one day out of the week, you will be destroyed by the weather. For me I try to do plenty of outside activities (yard work, exercise, etc...) in the months of March-September. Exposing yourself to the heat more often will help with the fatigue! I was out this last Saturday in 90 degree weather and was able to perform 18 without getting tired. 🙂
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