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  1. Thanks for the kudos Club Rat. This next segment is going to be tough
  2. I would not try it. My ball has a proclivity for finding trees.
  3. Played Saturday and left the pin in except on short 2-3ft putts. I found it distracting at that distance.
  4. 103 (49,54) on a 68.7 / 124. Not bad for me. I should have broken 100 for the first time but I 3 putted four holes on the back 9 and had 5 bad holes of triple or more (3 OB) . Did hit 9 of 13 fairways. Very happy with that. Overall a pretty good day.
  5. 4th place this week. I'll take it
  6. Saturday had a 96 on my home par 67. Three pars, four bogeys. Best part was I hit 7 of 11 fairways, which, as I have been struggling with a severe slice was a victory, I think I have it figured out finally. 35 total putts, 20 on front(2 three putts, not good) 15 on the back. Looking forward to lowering my handicap in 2019. The goal is to get to 18.
  7. As a Michigan fan, I can't say I'm sad to see him go. Bummer about his health though.
  8. I did use your link. Thanks for the badge. I've only just started it CH3. but I already like it.
  9. just signed up, I also just received my copy of LSW. Can't wait to get into that.
  10. I would take one on any hole, any distance. I suppose depending on ones' ability the bar for a "keeper" could be at different levels.
  11. My goals for 2019 are: get handicap down to 18 or better b y doing the following improve driving distance and accuracy stay away from OB and water average 36 putts per round I'm waiting for my copy of LSW, should arrive today. I'm sure that will help as well
  12. my favorite thing is being on the first tee as the sun is rising and the day/round is fresh and full of possibilities. 2nd favorite, hitting that sweet shot right down the fairway.
  13. Bill Fusion

    Bill Fusion

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