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  1. Anyone know where I can find some reviews of the Titleist 695 CB? I'm looking to upgrade from my DCI 692s. Thanks
  2. I havn't played the newest one, but I other other two are sublime. I grew up in Oregon and was living there when they were first built. It's definately worth the trip. It's the closest you'll get to a Scottish links course in the states (at least the first course is...sorry I dont' remember all of the names). Just don't go in the winter or spring if you don't want to use your umbrella. October would be the best time, I think the prices will have gone down and the weather is still really good (but anything before July, forget it)
  3. I think it's safe to go 3 to 4 degrees upright. I had my DCI 962s bent 4 degrees up about six years ago and they're in great shape still. and BTW, I'm 6'2 and my swing isn't ugly whatsoever....some people have upright swings...look at Monty, wonder what his clubs are bent to?
  4. maybe on your backswing (you could keep your right shoulder first swing thought) think about reaching straight back as far as you can...getting the clubhead far from your body...this can decrease your tendency to break your wrists too much as well as increase your swing arc (more arc=more power) to relax...you can also try a bit of a waggle at address, sometimes that can loosen you up
  5. I'm only in my 3rd month of marriage...and I've already got her hooked on the game. It's a good thing she likes it too, because when we met we were both still in school and I was too busy to play . . . she didn't know what she was getting herself into :)
  6. If you want to hit down on the ball with a little more inside path, try thinking about jamming your right elbow into your side on the downswing. Also, on the way back, try to get the club as far away from you as possible (straight back)...really reaching out, making your swing as wide as possible. This can help get you more upright. hope this helps
  7. It's a good method to get your weight set on your right foot without swaying back. For me, it tends to make me bring the club back on the inside, but it's still a good swing thought. For a note on relaxing... if you grip the club like you're holding an egg (firm enough to hang on to it, but soft enough as not to "crack" it) that relaxation in your hands can spread to the rest of your body.
  8. What you do is called pronation. As you know it can rob you of distance and accuracy. The best fix I've known is pretending you're holding a tray at the top with your right hand. If you do it correctly, that will square the clubhead at the top. I know you may release your hands too early when you do this...but if you've been pronating for a while you're probably not used to making a proper delayed release. If you can square the club on top, I would suggest working on delaying your release...the timing may seem off in the beginning, but It'll pay off in the end.
  9. you may not necessarily do anything different with your 2, but the fact that it is a longer club with less loft makes it harder to get through the ball. What I did with my 2 iron, is cut it down to the same length as my 3 iron so I can get through it a little better and control it. I now hit my 2 iron about 225 (instead of 230 with the longer shaft), but I can actually control it, and keep that sneaky fade out.
  10. I agree that it's not casting, per se. You could try feeling like you're pausing at the top, just for a second, so that your hands can set in a steady position. Also, a good swing thought for getting the club down the line is thinking about pulling the butt of the grip straight down. When you get to the top, pretend that you're holding a rope that rings a bell...simply pull it straight down to "ring the bell" hope this helps...I know it helps me when I'm getting a little to much movement on top
  11. not one! My handicap has been between scratch and one for the last 5 years, and my irons are the BEST part of my game....my father on the other hand (who is a good player) has 7! and his irons are the WORST part of his game! and the worst part is, half of his aces have been while I've been playing with him...and he never lets me forget it
  12. here in Los Angeles it's still hot (106 F today in the valley)... we're in the hot season right now, as opposed to our other season: less hot. what I wouldn't give to see a leaf change again in the pacific northwest...
  13. widmer Heff, on tap
  14. While it is exciting to anticipate the making of history, I find myself spending less time in front of the tv on sunday afternoons as tiger stretches his lead yet again over the field. So I can't answer a simple yes or no. For me it's both...it's exciting to be a part of, and know that I'm witnessing golf history...but it also takes away from those heart-pumping back nine's with several players in contention down to the 18th.