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  1. I have really appreciated the feedback from all of you. I thought I would share a few pictures of the putter in question. As you will see in the photos, it is a "Chicopee Putter." A stamp on the sole says "J.Kennedy -- Special". The irregular dimpling on the face is obviously hand-stamped. The hickory shaft flares at the hosel. It still has the original smooth leather grip, and is 34.5 inches long. Anybody familiar with this brand of vintage putters?
  2. Long or short putts, fast greens or slow, my direction and proximity have both improved. More gimmes. I believe I have better control and feel with the smaller muscles of my hands and wrists than with my arms and shoulders. For now, at least, I have much more putting confidence.
  3. I have tried and tried and tried for 50 years to learn to putt consistently, not trying to make everything, but trying to do no worse than two-putt. For years I have heard about and tried to eliminate the dreaded wrist breakdown, which has always felt unnatural. I have watched the old films of the greats of yesteryear -- Bobby Jones, Bobby Locke, Billy Casper, Arnold Palmer, etc. -- and wondered how could they be so wristy and yet putt so well. Willing to try any kind of putter, I recently was practice putting with an old hickory-shafted putter I found at my father's house. It was shorter than
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