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  1. Has to be football for me. Green Bay Packers! Go Pack Go!
  2. First reason is simple enough. Nothing lower than PW is offered in the set. Such is the case with the Titleist 716 CB I have played for the last two years, For the sets that do offer AW, I would not play the offering in one particular set because they cannot match the overall performance needed to begin gapping down from PW. Example: I played 6 months with Callaway Apex Pro (which did have a AW/GW offering). Issues: PW loft was 46* and AW dropped to 51 degrees. So, an immediate 5 degree gap. (Yes, loft could be bent to 50). Next I was unable with fitter and club pro assistanc
  3. Speaking only for myself, I look at 125 and in as controlled distance shots. Forgiveness for better players (of which i am not) is not needed as much as knowing a 1” choked down 50 degree is going to fly x yards. Or that a 3 to 9 o clock trap low draw with a 56 is going x yards with a known amount of rollout. Those different shots, too many to count, with sold wedges that offer no help are hard to hit with clubs that have any number of helps.
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