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  1. Is it possible that Tiger's back was not adversely affected by this crash? Has anybody heard or read anything?
  2. Augusta National is very hilly. Walking a practice round and then 4 rounds might be too much for him. Never mind all the swings.
  3. They are showing the car on the Golf Channel from a helicopter. It's turned over, off the road, and totally wrecked. It's amazing that he's alive.
  4. God only knows what this did to his back. Was he on drugs for back pain I wonder?
  5. Did you see his interview with Jim Nantz on Sunday? I thought he did not look very well. I see they needed to extricate him from the car using the Jaws of Life. Let's keep Ben Hogan's recovery in mind.
  6. This is breaking news right now on Twitter and on Golf Digest. Just awful news!
  7. So much fun indeed. I found this final round to be absolutely thrilling to watch and very exciting. So many players could have won and you didn't know who it was going to be and then Brooks chipped in for that enormous eagle and stole the show. Who would have expected it? So many storylines going on. Very sad about JT's grandather's passing. Hahn's total meltdown after having a 2-stroke lead. That 17th driveable par 4. Stricker's great play. Spieth's resurgence. I find Xander exciting to watch. At around 4:00, I predicted a playoff. So much more to say about this final round. Suff
  8. He's known as being a cheater and he knows that he's known as being a cheater. He's pretty darn stupid for not calling over an official before he touched the ball so he could let the official decide with the ball there. You don't know much about golf courses that are wet if you don't think a ball could embed after it bounces. I would never call anybody a cheater without any proof and there's no proof here that he cheated.
  9. When one of the greatest golfers of the modern era decides to play in a tour designed for young golfers struggling to earn a living and make their mark, and thereby takes one of their spots, I call that a shit move. Just because he has the right to play in that tour doesn't make it right. If he were not taking someone spot, I would have no problem at all with him playing there. I'm glad he changed his mind.
  10. Other than playing well, Tiger didn't bring much to the table. He seemed very quiet. Would have been nice if he were more talkative. Phil tried. And Manning added a lot. I really liked Chuck's commentating. Imagine if the two pros were Trevino and Fuzzy. Or Chi Chi. That's what I'm talking about. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it. By the way, Florida is having its wettest May on record. Also, the Medalist is a much better course than the highly over-rated Seminole.
  11. Seminole is extremely over-rated. I'll believe my own eyes every day rather than what I'm told to believe. Tough greens don't make a great course. You need a lot more than that.
  12. Totally agree. It seems to have hurt his game, too.
  13. Fowler/Wolff don't stand a chance. I am rooting for them anyhow.
  14. They're gonna slaughter that course and will birdie all the par 5's.
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