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  1. At any rate, what I said still stands about not messing around with your swing if you're doing really well. I figure that by the time Spieth started winning all those tournaments, he had already worked on a million things over many years and got his swing to the point where it was natural and perfect for him, even with his chicken wing. But, if you're not doing well, then sure, you'd better work on your swing and try to get better in a hurry.
  2. I had read a while back that he was trying to drive it further. That will mean a swing change. He didn't need to do that.
  3. This is exactly what I mean when I say that if you're at the top of your game, just keep doing what you're doing and don't listen to anyone about changing anything. And for heaven's sakes, don't chase after getting more distance if you're winning a lot.
  4. This is the strangest reply I've ever read!!
  5. The golf swing is a fragile thing. If you're playing well, don't change a thing. I've read that Spieth did try to gain distance. You can easily lose what you had if you try to get better. I don't know why anyone at the top of their golf game would try to get better -- considering the fragile nature of the golf swing.
  6. But they thought nothing of showing where a ball landed in the rough when a player wasn't sure.
  7. You're right. There should be none. Three is not a lot, but it's three too many. The question is whether Brooks thinks three is a lot. Also, is Brooks including "cheating" where there was no intent, which technically wouldn't be cheating? I don't think Brooks should have made that statement unless he can explain exactly how he knows what he's talking about. If you're going to cast shade, be prepared to back it up. WOW! That's amazing coming from Peter. Kostis. I now refuse to give Patrick Reed the benefit of the doubt any longer. I think Peter should have informed the rules officials when he saw this cheating. I think it was his duty at the time to protect the field and not speak out now about it years later.
  8. That's what I thought. So switching to a wedge at that point was moot, since the rules infraction was already done. iacas, have you heard that there's a lot of cheating on the PGA Tour? (I'm not sure if Brooks meant "a lot," however.)
  9. If your ball is in the rough, can you legally put your 3-wood right behind it even if you're pressing down the grass?
  10. Koepka said that there's more cheating going on than people know. I wonder what kind of cheating he's talking about? I think he may have opened Pandora's box with that remark, no?
  11. So many courses have closed and are closing in South Florida. It's very depressing because, once a course is gone, it's gone forever. I'm wondering if courses in Great Britain are closing as well? What about Canada? Or is this just a U.S phenomenon?
  12. Okay, I can see it now. It wasn't connecting earlier. I think it's hilarious. Talk about double jointed. Sort of like how the pro bowler Jacob Buttruff contorts his hand when bowling. If they ever do a remake of "The Elephant Man," he's your guy to play John Merrick.
  13. So I should predict another win for Tommy? Unless we're talking about top players, considering how hard it is to win, I will always predict that an average tour player like Tommy won't win. Keep in mind also that Tommy is not in Phil's league. Who would have pedicted Marty Fleckman's win? Predictions are guesses. Who would have predicted Jordan's stretch of non-wins? Ot that Palmer would have never won a PGA? Buckeyebowman, my previous post was totally coherent.
  14. Does anyone remember him from The Big Break? Tony Finau was on that show also. I also found it amazing that he won a tournament so soon after he was arrested. Due to the fact that he rarely wins, I will predict he will not win another tournament this year. Considering how badly Phil played last year, who could have predicted that he would be going into the final round tomorrow one shot behind?
  15. The first post, at least as I see it on my phone now, takes me to Instagram and it's a link that isn't working for me. I searched for it on YouTube but couldn't find it. Do you have another link perhaps?
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