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  1. Herkimer

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    I'm an excellent typist and I never have to think about what my fingers are doing when I'm typing. I just do it. I believe that the golf swing should be the same thing. Just get up and do it. Of course, it's not so easy. I do have swing thoughts when I play. It might be just one thing like "take it back slowly," or that thought plus another or others. Of course, the more thoughts you have when swinging, the more trouble you'll be in. If a concert pianist is thinking about his fingers or where his elbow is, he's finished.
  2. I'll take Mickey Wright over anyone. Ben Hogan said she had the best swing he ever saw.
  3. Herkimer

    Great Ball Striking

    Jack was one of the great ballstrikers of all time. This is my point exactly. I think certain golfers known as "ballstrikers" has become a meme when others are just as good but never mentioned.
  4. Herkimer

    Great Ball Striking

    I don't see how a scratch golfer can be a horrible ballstriker compared to anyone. Everyone knows how great scratch golfers are -- pro or amateur. They must be striking the ball very well -- or so it seems to me. You never hear how great a ballstriker Jack Nicklaus was, yet you always hear how great a ballstriker Lee Trevino was. I'm a big fan of both. But when it comes to talking about "great ballstrikers," you never hear the name Jack Nicklaus. (And you always hear the name Moe Norman.)
  5. Herkimer

    Great Ball Striking

    How many times have you heard that this player or that player is a "great ballstriker?" We hear it all the time. What makes one tour player a better ballstriker than another? If you take the top 20 PGA Tour players, are some better ballstrikers than the other? If so, how do you define "ballstriking" and what do you look at to determine if one player is a great ballstriker? Can it even be defined? Secondly, how would one become a great ballstriker? Can you be a great golfer but not a great ballstriker?
  6. Herkimer

    I Saw a Woman Playing Alone

    Not often, but I've seen it. My friend and I commented upon it because it is kind of rare.
  7. Herkimer

    Is Joe LaCava Tiger's Best Choice of Caddie?

    Do we know how many times Stevie gave Tiger the wrong stick?
  8. Herkimer

    What's Worse: 50 Yds Away in Rough or 100 Ft Putt?

    50 yards away in the rough. I love putting anyhow.
  9. I didn't want to put it that way, but I totally agree. I just decided that I'm not taking my hat off simply to shake hands with guys I've been playing with all day.
  10. I've seen you do this and it didn't bother me. But the red toenail polish did.
  11. I didn't realize this has been discussed before. But I'm glad to see that people won't mind if I leave my hat on. I need to check old Shell's Wonderful World of Golf videos on YouTube to see if in those days they removed their hats. I also need to check the LPGA tournaments.
  12. Why is it impolite to shake hands after finishing the 18th hole without removing your hat? My hair doesn't look so great when I remove my hat and I'd rather leave it on. Do any of you leave your hat on when shaking hands with other men after finishing your round? Do the LPGA players remove their hat on 18? I have to check that out. I've never noticed one way or the other. Bottom line: I see no need for men to remove their hats on 18.
  13. Herkimer

    Why Don't Pros Use Iron Covers?

    Speaking of clacking: Remember when golf shoes had spikes? The greatest sound in the world for me was people walking on cart paths with their spike golf shoes. That sound was just heavenly to me. I really miss those golf shoes and the sound they made. My second favorite sound is the clacking and jangling of clubs in a golf bag, especially when you're carrying your bag and walking down the fairway. Yes, I'm weird, I know.
  14. Hitting the ball close to the bullseye, I mean hole, is very similar to darts. Seeing a ball fly right to the hole is very exciting. That's why the crowd screams and applauds such a shot. I've watched countless tournaments on TV on the edge of my seat because it's so exciting. But, then again, I'm far from impartial when it comes to this sport. I also love watching Billiards.
  15. Herkimer

    Why Don't Pros Use Iron Covers?

    They don't use iron covers because they're idiotic.

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