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  1. Would Japan have gone as crazy if Kevin Na had won?
  2. The back nine definitely lived up to expectations.
  3. Xander gave a great interview. Great guy!
  4. Congratulations to the Japanese people. I know how much this means to all of you. This was a great win by a great Japanese golfer!
  5. Rose's last putt!
  6. I agree.. that was definitely a Major choke.
  7. I think Xander will be thinking about that tee shot for the rest of his life the way that Arnold talked about a certain putt he still thought about his whole life.
  8. they are cheering in Japan now!
  9. I was typing what a tough cookie Xander is and then he puts it in the water!
  10. ladies and gentlemen Welcome to The Back Nine at the Masters on Sunday.
  11. Damn! He nearly did!
  12. I hope Xander holes out!
  13. I marvel at his swing.
  14. Hideki's brilliant chip to the hole on 13 I think ends it at this point.
  15. If he wasn't joking, then he certainly doesn't know too much about the Masters.
  16. "Yes they are the audience." "No, they aren't the audience." "Yes they are the audience." That wasn't what I asked and your answer is irrelevant. I asked what the pros thought about his commentary.
  17. They most certainly are part of the audience. You think they don't know what he's saying?
  18. It's about time. Now I'd like to see Tony and Rickie get a W.
  19. I wonder what the players think of Zinger's commentaries?
  20. Is it possible that Tiger's back was not adversely affected by this crash? Has anybody heard or read anything?
  21. Augusta National is very hilly. Walking a practice round and then 4 rounds might be too much for him. Never mind all the swings.
  22. They are showing the car on the Golf Channel from a helicopter. It's turned over, off the road, and totally wrecked. It's amazing that he's alive.
  23. God only knows what this did to his back. Was he on drugs for back pain I wonder?
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