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  1. So many courses have closed and are closing in South Florida. It's very depressing because, once a course is gone, it's gone forever. I'm wondering if courses in Great Britain are closing as well? What about Canada? Or is this just a U.S phenomenon?
  2. Okay, I can see it now. It wasn't connecting earlier. I think it's hilarious. Talk about double jointed. Sort of like how the pro bowler Jacob Buttruff contorts his hand when bowling. If they ever do a remake of "The Elephant Man," he's your guy to play John Merrick.
  3. So I should predict another win for Tommy? Unless we're talking about top players, considering how hard it is to win, I will always predict that an average tour player like Tommy won't win. Keep in mind also that Tommy is not in Phil's league. Who would have pedicted Marty Fleckman's win? Predictions are guesses. Who would have predicted Jordan's stretch of non-wins? Ot that Palmer would have never won a PGA? Buckeyebowman, my previous post was totally coherent.
  4. Does anyone remember him from The Big Break? Tony Finau was on that show also. I also found it amazing that he won a tournament so soon after he was arrested. Due to the fact that he rarely wins, I will predict he will not win another tournament this year. Considering how badly Phil played last year, who could have predicted that he would be going into the final round tomorrow one shot behind?
  5. The first post, at least as I see it on my phone now, takes me to Instagram and it's a link that isn't working for me. I searched for it on YouTube but couldn't find it. Do you have another link perhaps?
  6. What are you all talking about? That link isn't working for me.
  7. An Eagle for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Tarantino, for me, is up there with the great movie directors of all time. And I also put him up there with the great screenwriters of all time as well. His movies are never less than great. I believe he's talking about quitting after his next film. I really hope that that's not the case.
  8. Not only is it not rare to see women playing golf, I find that it is a common occurrence. In my experience, however I do find that it is rare to see women playing alone. Also, it is my experience that, when I see a woman playing alone, she is much more likely than not to be Asian.
  9. That's funny! You thought you knew her!
  10. Accoding to the World Amateur Golf Ranking, Karl Villips is now in the 10th position. Karl Vilips - World Amateur Golf Ranking Player Profile Player Profiles from the WORLD AMATEUR GOLF RANKING® with...
  11. Has there ever been a Tour player so vilified? I can't think of even one.
  12. Every pro that's paired with him better watch him like a hawk.
  13. I won't see war movies for the same reason.
  14. He probably tries to improve his lie when he goes bowling!!
  15. This is what separates the average player from the great player: Their scores.
  16. I just finished watching "The Little Foxes," written by Lillian Hellman and starring Bette Davis and directed by William Wyler. I love movies like this -- so great, so intelligent. Now I'm reading the play. It had been a hit on Broadway.
  17. If you spread unjust rumors about him, is that a Papp smear?
  18. I didn't expect to see 86% vote for faster greens. I figured it might be 50/50. I will take faster greens every time. I see here that I'm not the only one who putts better on faster greens.
  19. I can't help but think that Tiger isn't happy that Freddy gave out that information.
  20. Of course it is. It's interesting when anyone who gets screwed over fights back.
  21. He's terrific. If CBS wanted to replace McCord, they should have hired Riley.
  22. Oh, okay. Thanks. Now I get it. But how ridiculous.
  23. Who took the video down? And why? I'm not understanding this.
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