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  1. When Faldo won an Open, he did something you rarely, if ever, see. He shot, in the final round,18 straight pars.
  2. I never said he had a pathetic career. He's had a fantastic career and I expected him not to stop winning majors in 2014. Why is it hard to understand what it means to "become a disappointment?"
  3. Rory also hasn't won a major since 2014. Another reason why he's a disappointment. I would be curious if anyone has met Koepka and can tell us that he exhibited arrogant behavior to them personally. An overabundance of confidence in a press conference does not necessarily translate to arrogant behavior on a personal level.
  4. He's a disappointment because he hasn't continued to be dominant.
  5. Koepka has a confidence in himself that no one has had since Tiger. And, like Tiger, he will back it up. This tournament is over and it's very very exciting to watch. Golf needs a second Tiger Woods ( just like it needed a second Jack Nicklaus) and now we have it. Golf courses are closing all over the place and homes are being built on that land and that recreational area is gone forever, and that is a crime.
  6. You said it much better than I did. When he first came on tour, I expected much more from him. Now I'm even more curious to see how he does this week.
  7. Agreed. He's done better than I thought. I watch a lot of golf and I just haven't recalled seeing him a lot. And when he first came on tour, I expected greater things from him. There are many PGA touring pros who are great golfers but yet struggle to keep their card.
  8. Gary Woodland proves that you can be a great golfer but not be great on the PGA Tour. There's been many others like that. Hank Kehne is another one.
  9. I think I agree with you. And I certainly agree with you about the idiotic McDonald's case. So McDonald's was forced to serve lukewarm coffee because of that idiot lady? You can see what kind of society we'll end up with. A 2-drink maximum for anyone out for dinner and lukewarm coffee so patrons won't spill some and burn themselves.
  10. There's no contradiction in what I said, I don't believe. A skilled putter will get luckier and make longer putts because he's a skilled reader of putts.
  11. I'd hate to own and bar or restaurant and have to hire a bartender and have to judge whether he would be able to know when to stop serving a customer. And what if one night he got lax or misjudged how drunk a customer was. So now I'M going to get sued even though I wasn't there? Does Tiger bear any responsibility in this death. I'd hate to think that he did. And an overly cautious bartender could kill my business. I don't know about these lawsuits, unless it's an extremely obvious situation. Isn't there a slippery slope in situations like this? And what about this: Suppose I'm sitting there and I see the guy is drunk. Would I be responsible for not taking his keys away? As a patron, wouldn't I be responsible for letting this drunk get into his car? Couldn't I be sued for letting this drunk get into his car? After all, I saw him stagger out of the place and get into his car. How much responsibility should I bear?
  12. I totally agree that there is some luck in making a very long putt, just as there's a lot of luck in making a hole-in-one. Too many variables. However, a fair putter would never have such luck. The skilled putter will have the chance at being lucky. Tiger was so skilled as a putter that he seemed to get lucky a lot.
  13. Some skill to his putting, too. Let's see what happens tomorrow. All great players. Rory is a disappointment. Spieth never had the power. He had the putting. I was very high on DeChambeau after he won the U.S. Amateur and was top College player in the same year. I figured he'd be dominant. That hasn't happened even though he's won a bunch quickly. But now I see a difference with Koepka and he proved it to me today. I could be jumping the gun, no question.
  14. But what a round it was. I'm also taking into account the majors he's won so quickly. I'm also taking into account the pressure that was on him today to perform well. I also just love his game and the way he plays, swings and strikes the ball. So darned impressive. He's got a good head on his shoulders, too. Well, let's see how he fares tomorrow.
  15. It is my opinion that Koepka will be the dominant golfer for the next 5 to 10 years. He'll be #1 in the world very soon and he'll hold that spot, too. He had a lot of pressure on him today and his play was spectacular.
  16. True. And those college kids (many of them) play like pros.
  17. Wow! What a great trip. I'd love to do the same one day. From what I've seen in pictures and videos, England has some of the greatest courses -- even public courses.
  18. Banana, dry roasted peanuts and an apple. And water.
  19. The only purpose that this stunt serves is to prove that amateurs of his quality do not belong playing with the professionals. He wouldn't stand a chance in the US amateur either. He's a very good golfer, but that's not enough. I enjoyed it, though, and it's probably good for ratings.
  20. I wish I was talented enough to be on tour and have a life like him. It's great!
  21. How ignorant, cruel and insensitive the PGA would have been if they had denied this man a medical leave. Good for him for trying to get better.
  22. Disliking Tiger makes one a racist? Is Jesper Parnevik a racist for disliking Tiger? Is it not possible to dislike Tiger for reasons other than race? Why jump to such an ugly conclusion?
  23. Is Tiger not a fan of Nick? I don't know why, but I felt a little chill coming off of Tiger towards Nick.
  24. If you don't talk to your father and mother, I think it says more about your father and mother than it does about you. I think his father is a bum for showing up and disturbing his son. If he loved his son, he wouldn't follow him around. He'd watch him on TV. I couldn't imagine not talking to my mother and father. Patrick definitely has "issues," but I believe those "issues" are due to how he was raised and bad parental skills.
  25. I remember Doug Ford gettlng a lot of flack for continuing to play every year while in his 80's. I recall people saying that he was taking someone's spot. Based on what I'm reading here, that wasn't true at all, so I don't know why they were saying it. I think it's a great tradition to have past winners play. This tournament is very very special and that's one of the reasons.
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