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  1. Is Tiger not a fan of Nick? I don't know why, but I felt a little chill coming off of Tiger towards Nick.
  2. If you don't talk to your father and mother, I think it says more about your father and mother than it does about you. I think his father is a bum for showing up and disturbing his son. If he loved his son, he wouldn't follow him around. He'd watch him on TV. I couldn't imagine not talking to my mother and father. Patrick definitely has "issues," but I believe those "issues" are due to how he was raised and bad parental skills.
  3. I remember Doug Ford gettlng a lot of flack for continuing to play every year while in his 80's. I recall people saying that he was taking someone's spot. Based on what I'm reading here, that wasn't true at all, so I don't know why they were saying it. I think it's a great tradition to have past winners play. This tournament is very very special and that's one of the reasons.
  4. I played Polo Trace many times. Great course. I was shocked when I heard that they closed. Very depressing, as I mentioned.
  5. No, sir. I'm totally serious. How is telling a single person that they can't make a reservation not discrimination?
  6. If it's a public course, I think single players who get this kind of treatment should sue the course for discrimination. As I see it, telling a single player that he can't make a reservation is no different from them telling a Black person, "sorry, you can't make a reservation." If it's a public course, then the public should be treated equally and discrimination against a single player shouldn't be allowed. Tee times for everyone!
  7. Goes to show just how tough it is to make it as a big name in golf.
  8. I do believe that some golfers "want it" more than others simply by putting more hours and effort into becoming great. From what I've read about Hogan, I'd have to say that he wanted it more than others. I'd say the same thing about Bryson. And, of course, Tiger. This is true in all fields, not just golf, and to me it's as plain as day.
  9. If I could have one current pro's swing, it would be Rory's.
  10. Another dumb rule. Players aren't going to start assembling clubs on the course to give them an advantage -- so the rule is dumb because it addresses an issue that would never occur. Did you see Faldo's face when it was explained to him? He couldn't believe it. On 17, someone had a long putt which hit the stick and went in, which otherwise would have flown by. So they're worried that players will start assembling clubs but, yet at the same time, let them leave the flag in to give them a really good advantage when putting. They should apologize to Varner, deduct the 2 strokes they added, and then delete that rule from the books.
  11. I wonder if Felicity Huffman can get me tickets?
  12. What can the European players do that the American players cannot do?
  13. Are the LPGA courses setup so that the Koreans can win all the time? Sorry, but people come up with faulty conclusions sometimes to explain a certain outcome, which is, in this case, why European players were bunched at the top. I, for one, don't believe the course had anything to do with it. It's nonsense.
  14. It does sound very suspicious to me and I wouldn't bid on anything from that seller ever.
  15. Thank you. That's great reporting! I do believe in playoffs, which I assumed was understood. My money list method would be used only to identify those players who would be eligible. And it would be extremely easy to understand, as opposed to the present point system. And I believe that you have proved here that the result would be just about the same.
  16. Yes, of course for the year. The money counts for all the tournaments they play so to pick out just two tournaments is statistically insignificant. I would argue that the top 30 money winners on tour are the top 30 players on tour.
  17. Curb Your Enthusiasm is my favorite show of all time. If I had to pick one, that's it.
  18. I hope Casey Martin plays on the senior tour where carts are allowed. As empathetic as I am to his condition, and as sorry as I felt for him having this condition, I felt he had a lot of nerve trying to play on the PGA tour with a cart.
  19. How about this: You FedEx points should be the same number as your PGA Tour winnings.
  20. What did you think of Peter Jacobson's "it wasn't even close comment?" It was just the opposite. It was very close. The ball was very close to hitting the red line. Jacobson's comment was relayed to the player by Bones and the player rightfully so couldn't understand how it couldn't be very close. I wonder if this is going to become an issue and if it's going to be written about? Your views if you saw this?
  21. I loved Cutter Sound. Is the revamped course still there. If so, what is the name? This is the most depressing thread I have ever seen. Many courses in South Florida have closed or are closing and it's very upsetting. And to see a deserted course can bring a tear to your eye I swear.
  22. I didn't see the date on the first post so I was wondering "Why is he bringing all of this up now?" Ha!
  23. I think that's pretty bad advertising just to have a big P. Sure, I asked what it stood for and others will ask too. But so many people won't ask, so the advertising won't reach them even though they see it.
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