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  1. Go Rickie! Great shot just now. Kuchar! What a shot! We just may win this thing please god!
  2. Rickie just tied his match! I want a win, not a tie! I am so disappointed in JT. He should have made that putt and now he lost. Cam Smith killed it!
  3. Oh yes! I'm glued all night. I'm a nervous wreck now and I'm on the edge of my seat. I want us to win so badly. It's a real nail-biter.
  4. Okay, thanks. Of course, golfers will still, at times, be dormie.
  5. Reed just won. I am happy for him. Tony got it back to even going to 18. Who remembers Tony from "The Big Break?" What year was that?
  6. Great win! Touch and go there at the beginning. Ancer played great, too. He got some taste of what Tiger could do and how he could demolish you.
  7. Fantastic. Now Rickie, too. Tiger's dormie...3 up, 3 to play. Let's give him the win. I'm still a nervous wreck.
  8. That's why he's won 15 majors and over 80 tournaments. As I write this he's 2 up with 4 to go. Ancer wanted him and now he'll pay.
  9. I thought you were betting anyone a $100 that he WOULD be in the top 25. No.
  10. Yes!! And I have to tell you that after Ernie's "....shut up and move on" comment, I've never wanted us and Tiger to win more than I do now.
  11. I'm more shocked that he didn't win any points then I would be if he had won every point. But I'm glad you see his potential greatness. Stanford already recruited him and he's going.
  12. Karl Vilips is a kid. I think he's 17 years old. I guaranty you that he will be one of the top golfers in the world in no more than 8 years. He's that good.
  13. Horrible, just horrible. 5 up with 8 to play and all they could get is a tie! I hope we don't lose by a half of a point because I'll blame them. Doesn't matter what they did yesterday. Well, that's golf!
  14. Sorry but you can't do that -- as much as you want to and as much as the guy deserved. That might be considered assault, so you've got to let your player take the verbal abuse.
  15. So, we could only get 1-1/2 points this morning (out of the 4 points available) and we're now down 9 to 5. Can we win all the 4 points this afternoon (their time) to tie it up? I can't tell a lie: I think we'll be lucky to get 2 points. What happened to the strong team we were supposed to have?
  16. Right now as I write this (Saturday morning 4-ball) they're on holes 13, 14, 15 and 16 and we're behind in 3 of the 4 matches. Oh boy! This could really turn out to be some humiliation. Yesterday, we did make a great comeback. Let's hope our guys can do the same today. This is pretty pathetic so far.
  17. You're a young player and you've watched Tiger your whole life. He's your idol. Now you're playing and he's there watching you. Could that make you more nervous than you would be otherwise? And could that actually make you play worse?
  18. Riley's great! And he has a youtube channel where he plays golf with some of golf's biggest names. (He also shills for a golf company.)
  19. As much as I would love to play there, spending that much money for a round of golf anywhere isn't worth it. Besides, I know someone who played there and he told me that it was very very slow going. I hate slow play and I hate waiting for groups ahead of me to move along. So, for me, it's definitely not worth it.
  20. McCord is great! I, for one, will miss him. I never found him boring. I find him interesting, funny and articulate. None of his replacements are his equal. Frank Nobilo? He'll put you right to sleep. If that's what CBS wants...!! Of course, the ratings won't go down. I won't stop watching, just like I didn't stop when Johnny left. I feel badly for Kostis, but his absence won't mean a thing to me.
  21. How does a player at the highest level of the sport not see that he's pushed sand back or felt that he's pushed sand back with his club? Is it possible, when you're as good as he is, not to realize what you've done....twice?
  22. Will Tiger pick Rickie as his partner in either foursomes or four ball? I'd love to see them play as a team.
  23. I'm absolutely thrilled that Rickie will now be on the team! I'll be praying that Rickie wins all his matches, too!
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