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  1. Wow Daryl, I totally agree and have said as much in other posts. And you're so right about his annoying voice. And he's boring. Did you see him with Jack today? Nothing. I see we're in the minority here. Nevertheless I'm glad I'm not imagining Paul's weak style.
  2. Thanks. And feel free to delete this thread now if you so choose.
  3. What what a great coincidence happened today in professional sports. Two 55-year old men, the golfer Vijay Singh, and the bowler, Norm Duke, had the chance to be winners at their respective professional tournaments. Today Norm Duke won his tournament beating guys 30 years younger than him. And Vijay came very close to winning. And Norm Duke won last week as well! And on the Senior PGA Tour, Mark O'Meara won his tournament at the age of 62, beating guys 12 years younger than him. Being older is no reason not to be a champion. Let's hear it for the old guys!
  4. What does the big "P" on Ricky's hat stand for?
  5. I should have checked earlier. You're right -- Jerry and Miller were not related.
  6. Our players want to win. It doesn't matter who the captain is. I think the players should do their own pairing, too. Why does a captain have to be exciting? I want the players to be exciting, not the captain. That "pod" theory went out the window, too, last time. Another brilliant idea.
  7. I think long pants should be enforced during regular tournament play. Other than that, I don't care.
  8. You're right. He didn't. Know-it-all's didn't like the deal that Kuchar made with his temp caddy and they shamed him into giving a heck of a lot more. Speaking of a regular caddy: Does he deserve $100,000 (or more -- using the 10% figure) if his player wins? So, yes, Sergio, of course! Kuchar, on the other hand, deserved applause.
  9. I believe Miller Barber is Mr. X. Am I right? Jerry, I believe is/was his brother. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. I take huge divots with my wedge, but I ALWAYS replace them or, if I'm down south, fill them with sand.
  11. I give him a "1." I like Paul, but he's a dull golf analyst. To be honest, my opinion of him was formed when he was on Fox and I was very disappointed in him. I wish Justin Leonard had gotten the job. He has a smile in his voice when he's commentating. There's no joy in Paul's voice and he gives you one platitude after another. Think of Ben Wright, think of Ken Venturi, think of Johnny Miller. Think of Gary or Feherty. Paul suffers horribly in comparison. Paul was always an exciting player to watch, that's for sure. I wish he could bring some of that excitement to his new job. Keep in mind that he was with Fox and this is not his first time doing this, so I don't know how much better he'll get.
  12. Phil admitted (on Monday morning) that he had been wrong to have wanted to continue. He thanked Casey for making the right choice for him by deciding not to continue. Phil said that sometimes he fails to see the big picture. // Phil played amazingly on Sunday. His knock-down iron shots were totally masterful. He looked like the young Phil -- or, better yet, the young Tiger.
  13. The PGA Tour should tell him that if he wants to play on the PGA Tour he will have to put up a $100,000 bond to cover the cost of any damage he causes by his childish and irresponsible behavior on the golf course and that he'll get it back at the end of the season, and that if he doesn't like it, he can play elsewhere. Could you imagine if he had done this at the Masters?!! As far as I'm concerned, he acted like a madman. Damaging one green in a fit of anger is a total outrage....but FIVE??? I wouldn't want him on my course, I'll tell you that.
  14. I was talking about Tour players. So many ways to swing a club, though, that's for sure. As a matter of fact, there's 6,000,000,000,000 (six trillion) ways to swing a club -- according to some mathematician writing in Golf Digest many years ago. If you consider where each body part can be at any given time and their relationship to one another and the various angles you can use, etc. etc. etc., then that number is really is quite believable, when you home in on the permutations and combinations.
  15. I promise you this. You don't see his swing on tour -- maybe Furyk (kind of). I mean, if it weren't so unusual, why would they be talking about it? Anyway, it works very well for him. He hit a 350 yard drive down the fairway today.
  16. It's totally unusual. Unless you're a Miller Barber fan, that is.
  17. Have you seen Matthew Wolff's swing?
  18. I hope it becomes a big fiasco. Why should it become an aid for a player who putts the ball too hard? That rule is just stupid. Almost as stupid as giving Li that penalty. So wrong!
  19. I absolutely DESPISE!!! radio playing on a golf course. I have seen it, but luckily, not too much.
  20. I'm an excellent typist and I never have to think about what my fingers are doing when I'm typing. I just do it. I believe that the golf swing should be the same thing. Just get up and do it. Of course, it's not so easy. I do have swing thoughts when I play. It might be just one thing like "take it back slowly," or that thought plus another or others. Of course, the more thoughts you have when swinging, the more trouble you'll be in. If a concert pianist is thinking about his fingers or where his elbow is, he's finished.
  21. I'll take Mickey Wright over anyone. Ben Hogan said she had the best swing he ever saw.
  22. Jack was one of the great ballstrikers of all time. This is my point exactly. I think certain golfers known as "ballstrikers" has become a meme when others are just as good but never mentioned.
  23. I don't see how a scratch golfer can be a horrible ballstriker compared to anyone. Everyone knows how great scratch golfers are -- pro or amateur. They must be striking the ball very well -- or so it seems to me. You never hear how great a ballstriker Jack Nicklaus was, yet you always hear how great a ballstriker Lee Trevino was. I'm a big fan of both. But when it comes to talking about "great ballstrikers," you never hear the name Jack Nicklaus. (And you always hear the name Moe Norman.)
  24. How many times have you heard that this player or that player is a "great ballstriker?" We hear it all the time. What makes one tour player a better ballstriker than another? If you take the top 20 PGA Tour players, are some better ballstrikers than the other? If so, how do you define "ballstriking" and what do you look at to determine if one player is a great ballstriker? Can it even be defined? Secondly, how would one become a great ballstriker? Can you be a great golfer but not a great ballstriker?
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