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  1. There's so much more to winning tournaments than having a perfect swing, which I believe Rory has. Rory is not over-rated. But I do feel that he's probably disappointed himself for not winning more majors. As of late, it does appear that Brooks is a better golfer, although I do think that that can turn around very quickly. When you think about how great these golfers are, you never know who will get on a roll.
  2. What about making the cut? Do you think that Romo can make the cut in a PGA Tour event?
  3. Some golf history The 1933 U.S. Open was the 37th U.S. Open, held June 8–10 at North Shore Country Club in Glenview, Illinois, a suburb northwest of Chicago. Amateur Johnny Goodman outlasted Ralph Guldahl by a single stroke to win his only major championship. But Johnny Goodman was a golfer. But I have to agree that's it's next to impossible that a sports figure from another sport could win a regular PGA Tour event.
  4. That, my friends, is cruel and inhumane punishment. The guy he gave the finger to most likely deserved a punch in the mouth. The aggrieved party here is getting the punishment. It should be the other way around. I really hope he finds another tour on which to play. Wouldn't it be something if a friend of his was asking him, "What time do you want to meet for lunch," and the golfer was simply saying "1:00?"
  5. I like seeing a lot of birdies, too. Just recently, on the PGA Tour, a player (whose name I forgot) got 9 birdies in a row. Can you imagine? For me that's more exciting than watching players struggle to make par. By the way, that player only tied the record, which had been set my Mark Calcavecchia many years ago.
  6. I feel that the courses shouldn't be too easy and they certainly shouldn't be too hard. How would you make a course hard but fair? I see that as a problem. (This year didn't Phil say that he wasn't going to play hard courses?)
  7. No matter how fair a judge might be, in certain instances, he would have to recuse himself. If any Captain did not automatically qualify to be a player in any Cup, for the sake of total impartiality, he shouldn't be his own judge.
  8. If I didn't care about winning, I'd love to see Jack partnered with Tiger in Foursomes. Against Gary Player partnered with Jason Day. Now that's an exhibition!
  9. Tiger was cut at the PGA Championship and cut at The Open. He withdrew from the Northern Trust and was 37th at the BMW. He also didn't qualify for Atlanta. He played great for 4 days 6 months ago. He's had multiple operations and has had back issues since April. Captains are really busy and I'll bet they don't get much rest. I want my players to be rested, especially if they have back issues and are in their forties. If he weren't the captain, I might reevaluate.
  10. For a man of his extraordinary gifts, his RC record is really bad. But even though his PC record is much better, to me it really doesn't mean that much at this stage of his game. In these matches, anybody can win and anybody can lose. Tiger certainly has proven that. But he's Captain and he should concentrate on that. Every Captain has told us how much work goes into it and how much time is necessary for them to do the duties that they are tasked. No one wants to admit that they're older and can't do what they once could do. Of course Tiger thinks he's better than everyone else even now and should be playing. I hope that he doesn't even give himself a chance to embarrass himself by playing in this Cup. You're not a sucker. You're a golf lover. This is going to be a great cup and the matches are going to be very exciting. They always are. What I'm going to say now will seem contradictory to what I said above. But if Tiger is more interested in excitement, rather than winning the cup, then he should play. Who wouldn't want to see if he still has it? [Not me.]
  11. It just so happens that Champ is one of my 4 picks, especially after today. I'd pick Varner, Snedeker and Howell over Tiger.
  12. I ducked it on purpose because you'll never agree, so why bother? I said what I had to say. If Tiger plays, I will certainly be rooting for him to win every match.
  13. Do you really think that golfers all over the world who are watching consider it just an exhibition? Do you think that any Captain wants his players to consider it just an exhibition? Remember the Ryder Cup's "War on the Shore?" They didn't call it the "Exhibition on the Shore." These Cups are serious matches that are held every two years and I want the United States to win. There are definitely four other guys who I would pick over Tiger. I also happen to think it's unfair for any Captain to pick himself. It's hardly fair and objective.
  14. It's a narcissistic move. He played great for 4 days in April, but what has he done lately? Exhibition or not, I want the United States to win. I don't want a guy who's busy being captain having to also worry about playing well and getting points for the United States. And why should he risk being a goat and not the G.O.A.T.? It's time to give others a chance.
  15. You're right about Plantation Preserve. It's the only course that I like to play more than once when I'm down there. I'll be playing there again in a few weeks. Can't wait. I was trying to think of Melreese. I had heard back in May that it was going to close and I thought, "Oh, no, not another one." When a store closes, another store takes it place. But when a golf course closes, it's gone forever. Just horrible for golf lovers.
  16. Just saw this. Congrats iacas! What are your thoughts on Mike Austin's method?
  17. I have never paid for 9 holes. That, to me, is like eating the hors d'oeuvres and then leaving the restaurant. (But I certainly get why people only play 9 holes.)
  18. He tied for 130th place and he won't be playing this weekend. That says it all. (And, yes, he's a very good player....but still.)
  19. I haven't played Miami Shores in a few years (on Biscayne Blvd.), but that's a great course, too. I hope it's still there -- and I believe it is. Very well worth playing.
  20. Plantation Preserve is my favorite course in that area as well. I tell everyone about it. Absolutely superb fairways and greens....like a country club. Interesting and varied holes, too. Inverrary and Jacaranda don't come close to Plantation Preserve. PGA Qualifying was held there and some of the pros said they couldn't believe that it was a public course. I don't know if you know that lots of courses have closed, though, in Palm Beach County. This will, of course, drive prices up. But if it takes prices to go up in order to prevent courses from closing, then I'm all for it.
  21. 1,350,830 By the way, this is a great game and I can't wait to see how far off I am.
  22. How did Jordan do so well in the first place? The answer here is Rory McIIroy. I said a while back that he hadn't been playing to his potential. He's doing now what I thought he should be doing all along. If he keeps his putting skills up, the 3 players to beat will be Rory, Brooks and Xander. These players will be the new "Big 3."
  23. I wonder if Rory would have rather had won The Masters or the $15,000,000?
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