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  1. Do we know how many times Stevie gave Tiger the wrong stick?
  2. 50 yards away in the rough. I love putting anyhow.
  3. I didn't want to put it that way, but I totally agree. I just decided that I'm not taking my hat off simply to shake hands with guys I've been playing with all day.
  4. I've seen you do this and it didn't bother me. But the red toenail polish did.
  5. I didn't realize this has been discussed before. But I'm glad to see that people won't mind if I leave my hat on. I need to check old Shell's Wonderful World of Golf videos on YouTube to see if in those days they removed their hats. I also need to check the LPGA tournaments.
  6. Why is it impolite to shake hands after finishing the 18th hole without removing your hat? My hair doesn't look so great when I remove my hat and I'd rather leave it on. Do any of you leave your hat on when shaking hands with other men after finishing your round? Do the LPGA players remove their hat on 18? I have to check that out. I've never noticed one way or the other. Bottom line: I see no need for men to remove their hats on 18.
  7. Speaking of clacking: Remember when golf shoes had spikes? The greatest sound in the world for me was people walking on cart paths with their spike golf shoes. That sound was just heavenly to me. I really miss those golf shoes and the sound they made. My second favorite sound is the clacking and jangling of clubs in a golf bag, especially when you're carrying your bag and walking down the fairway. Yes, I'm weird, I know.
  8. Hitting the ball close to the bullseye, I mean hole, is very similar to darts. Seeing a ball fly right to the hole is very exciting. That's why the crowd screams and applauds such a shot. I've watched countless tournaments on TV on the edge of my seat because it's so exciting. But, then again, I'm far from impartial when it comes to this sport. I also love watching Billiards.
  9. They don't use iron covers because they're idiotic.
  10. Imagine that you're in a tournament and after 9 holes your caddy tells you that he can't go on. After maybe 2 times of that happening, it's time to get a new caddy.
  11. Underrated. Isn't it kind of obvious that having three putts for par is much better than having two putts for par? Or two putts for birdie is better than one putt for birdie? However, it's not essential. When Zach Johnson won the Masters, he never reached any of the par fives in two. (His wedge play was obviously phenomenal that week.) This, however, does not change the fact that reaching a par 5 in two strokes is nevertheless underrated.
  12. Curb Your Enthusiasm is the funniest show of all time.
  13. Advil is Ibuprofen, so I buy Ibuprofen. I consider it to be a miracle drug. Many times I would tweak my back or pull a muscle while I'm playing golf and if I take the ibuprofen it works like a miracle. I always have a bottle of ibuprofen in my bag just in case. Luckily I haven't needed it in quite a while.
  14. Very plain and unremarkable.
  15. A few things. Feherty said "a player always knows when he hits it twice." How could that be proved? Feherty also thought that Tiger should have received a penalty. Then Feherty thought that there was a 1-inch backswing and that he didn't just push the ball forward. Later Tiger said that he did hit the ball twice. But no penalty because it could only be seen in super slo-motion. Then after all that, one of the announcers said that next year the rule will be no penalty for double hits. Now that took me back a bit. I can't figure out why that rule was changed. I guess probably to speed things up and avoid trying to make this kind of determination. Who remembers poor T C Chen? Question: Do you think that if it had been another player then the "pushed, scraped, or spooned" rule would have been invoked and the player would have been penalized? The announcer said that Patrick Cantlay was only invited to this tournament around Thanksgiving. It would have been nice if Cam Champ had also gotten an invitation, considering that he's the newest star on Tour right now. Is this field only by invitation only? Are the amount of players limited to a certain number? Couldn't that number be expanded? I guess there's only enough money for 18 players. Well, I just wish Cam Champ had been invited. And maybe he was and declined for all I know. Is it Tiger's sole decision as to who plays?
  16. In this book Harvey said that the putter was the most important club. He said that's the club you use "to finish the deal."
  17. Just curious: If you're not home, can this be recorded on your DVR for later viewing?
  18. I wonder how many of you have regularly experienced the following: You're playing golf and someone playing ahead of you will drive up the fairway to you and ask, "Did you find a cell phone?" I cannot believe how many people lose their cell phone on a golf course! Is this just my experience?
  19. I don't think that's a stupid idea at all. I think it could be a lot of fun.
  20. A lady lost an eye recently at a PGA event when her eye was smashed by an errant drive (I think by Alex Noren). So a helmet isn't enough. They'll be forced to wear a helmet and protective goggles. Or maybe they'll erect netting in front of the patrons. I wear a helmet when I watch it on TV. I mean, you never know, you know?
  21. Let's say a person knows that his handicap is higher when he walks, and his handicap is based on walking while playing. Then is he cheating a little if he plays in a tournament and rides?
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