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  1. I see that I voted with the majority. Most golfers on public courses don't hit draws. I do hit a draw as my normal shot. I get more nice comments about it than when I hit a fad. So I'd say a draw is "cooler" for amateurs to see -- because they can't draw the ball and because they usually see slices. I'd say the fade is more reliable. Lee Trevino summed it up perfectly when he said, "You can talk to a fade but a draw won't listen." Nicklaus hit a high fade for basically his entire career.
  2. Totally disagree. And the proof for me is that pros routinely have many holes-in-one. Art Wall had 40 holes-in-one. Tiger has had 18 holes-in-one. And the list goes on and on. Better players routinely have multiple holes-in-one. Another thing: The better players' balls ALSO roll when they hit the green. They don't just plug. The better plays aims for the hole. The hacker aims for the green. iacas, if your friend was watching a high handicapper playing a low handicapper, would he really put his money on the low handicapper getting a hole-in-one before the pro? What a bad bet that would be. Well, that's what I think.
  3. I'm not seeing many of today's golfers (under 30) swinging at all like Hogan did. Are you?
  4. The course - 0% The Captain - 0% Players - 100%
  5. I'm guessing, too, that his switch is because this new golf company wants a big name to tout their clubs and are paying him a small fortune to do so. I think this is a good bet.
  6. Ted Potter, Jason Dufner, Chi Chi Rodriguez and Babe Zaharias
  7. If there's doubt, then the ball stays. But you're right, this is why the rule won't be changed and good shots might be penalized. I can hit a nice shot out of a divot, too, but not all divots are created the same. A guy hits it really fat and doesn't replace it or fill it in, it's not right. The "hitting into a tree" comparison doesn't make sense to me, unless some golfer went and planted a tree in the fairway in front of you. Besides, you're not supposed to hit into a tree, but when has anyone ever said to you that you're not supposed to have your ball roll into someone's deep divot? Are you supposed to look down the fairway and make sure you don't hit your ball into someone's divot that's 275 yards away? Bottom line: This rule won't be changed. But moving the ball out of a hole in the fairway with no penalty does make sense to me.
  8. Good find with the video. I'm still siding with Jack on this. My feeling is that if there's any doubt about it being a divot, then it's not a divot. If I didn't fill in my divots and if you landed in the hole (kind of hole) that I created with my wedge, you'd be in big trouble with your next shot. My point is that that wouldn't be fair at all to you. I think it would be very fair if you could move your ball out of my divot and place it right behind the divot on normal fairway. (I know, I know....life isn't fair....so why should golf be?)
  9. Brian Harman cocks his wrists right away like that, and DJ has an early wrist cock as well. I'm thinking of someone else on Tour who also breaks his wrists right away. The one-piece takeaway isn't necessary. So many different takeaway's, it's amazing.
  10. Yep, that's part of the problem. The governing bodies are so nervous that a golfer won't be honest and true to the sport.
  11. I do know that. He was amazing, as was his swing speed. I still don't think he'll win this year. Let's see what happens. I think he'll have 2 good rounds but not 4. I think Sunday will be a problem for him, but not the younger guys. Just a hunch.
  12. I know I won't. But someone by the name of Jack Nicklaus said that divots should be considered GUR. I totally agree. If someone leaves a big fat divot in the ground, why should I be penalized for having my ball roll into it? Makes no sense. I'm glad the wind blowing your ball on the green won't be a penalty for you. That was beyond ridiculous.
  13. Fair enough. He struggled for a while and then got used to them. Spieth DIDN'T change clubs and he didn't even make East Lake. That's golf. Look at Hunter Mahan. Did he change clubs? Whoever heard of Honda when they first came out?
  14. I am most definitely NOT a Tiger hater. I don't think he'll win at all this year. Too many young and great players that I'm very excited about.
  15. My point is your point! Rory changed clubs, made a lot more money doing so, and is still one of the top players in the world. So that's why I don't think Justin Rose has much to worry about. To your point: This is the first time I've heard of Honma clubs.
  16. Yes, you're right about this. I should have just said a long putt that the flag could stop. Truth is that I'm not bent out of shape over this rule change, but I don't think it was necessary at all. I think hitting a ball into someone else's divot is what bothers me the most, as well as having your ball be moved by the wind on a green or on a fairway, or if your ball oscillates or moves a little if you address it.
  17. Did you forget something? https://www.golfdigest.com/story/golf-digest-podcast-rory-mcilroy-on-switching-to-taylormade
  18. I don't like this rule change. Leaving the flag in can stop a bad (skulled) chip, so the flag becomes an aid.
  19. I think it was implied in your statement. Keep in mind that players (by the scores) drop off the cliff without changing clubs. I am betting that the new clubs will give him the same exact feel that he has with his present clubs. These people aren't stupid.
  20. I would be shocked if he hasn't already had the new clubs fitted for him and if he hasn't already played with them and found them to be as good as the clubs he now plays with. Do you think he would be that foolish?
  21. I believe there are LPGA players who swing just as perfectly as many on the PGA Tour do. No difference that I can see -- even in slo mo.
  22. I think it would be crazy of Justin NOT to switch considering the deal that Steinberg will get for Justin. Money talks.
  23. Herkimer

    DeChambeau's Swing

    I love watching him swing and play. I watched him win the U.S. Amateur as well as the NCAA title in the same year. Two other golfers did that -- Jack and Tiger! I predicted (to my friends) that he would be a very big star. It took a while, but it was inevitable. I think he's 5th in the world now, and it didn't take him long. Think about how different he is and how good he is. That takes a lot of hard work and dedication. He's right where he belongs. What a great crop of young talented golfers we have now to watch. I'm predicting more great finishes every Sunday then ever before. Guys are shooting 62's and 63's on Sunday and still not winning! Very exciting time for golf right now.
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