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  1. I think it would be crazy of Justin NOT to switch considering the deal that Steinberg will get for Justin. Money talks.
  2. Herkimer

    DeChambeau's Swing

    I love watching him swing and play. I watched him win the U.S. Amateur as well as the NCAA title in the same year. Two other golfers did that -- Jack and Tiger! I predicted (to my friends) that he would be a very big star. It took a while, but it was inevitable. I think he's 5th in the world now, and it didn't take him long. Think about how different he is and how good he is. That takes a lot of hard work and dedication. He's right where he belongs. What a great crop of young talented golfers we have now to watch. I'm predicting more great finishes every Sunday then ever before. Guys are shooting 62's and 63's on Sunday and still not winning! Very exciting time for golf right now.
  3. I liked Johnny a lot and I will miss him. When the U.S. Open went to Fox, I really missed him. I'm sorry that NBC is going with Zinger. He says one platitude after another and I find him tedious. I'm a fan of Justin Leonard's skills as an announcer. And, of course, Tom Weiskopf. For me, they would have been great picks. (Feherty isn't available, but he would be my 1st choice.)
  4. What you should have said is that Johnny Miller as a golfer is not comparable to Jack Nicklaus as a golfer. Either way, as golfers, we study the history of golf and not the history of announcers. Let me add this: I'm a big fan of both of Johnny's careers. I'm not happy he's leaving NBC. And I'm glad that he'll be remembered either way.
  5. Doesn't "legacy" mean how people will remember you even after we're all dead? Who will remember any golf announcer/analyst in 50 years? Do young people even know the name "Ken Venturi?" If Johnny is remembered at all in future generations, I think it will have to be as the golfer. Nicklaus, the golf architect, will still be remembered more as the golfer.
  6. I resent that this is a Pay-Per-View event and I won't give those multi-millionaires a penny of my money, especially when I don't care who wins. It should be for free on NBC on Saturday and Sunday just like the skins used to be. They couldn't even get a half a point in France! These are two very greedy people. I hope no one pays them.
  7. Hitting those perfect shots and watching my ball go like a laser towards the cup.
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