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  1. 10 minutes ago, Papa Steve 55 said:

    Did anybody catch El's interview after the match? He seemed to want the PGA out of the international team selection process all together, though he never quite said those words. Sounded like he was not happy with all the players that were auto selections. I may not have got it right, he was talking in circles and i only had a 1/2 a cup of coffee.

    I must have been watching a different interview because I saw none of this.  Maybe it went over my head, I don't know.  It would be helpful if you could be more specific.

    2 minutes ago, David in FL said:

    A win is a win.  :dance:

     Like the NFL, there aren’t any style points.  Thankfully.

    So true.  Also, a squeaker like this is better for the sport. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, jmanbooyaa said:

    Going down the stretch, last 2 matches were ties. Was anyone else thinking that the JT Rickie tie after up 5 with 8 to play could have cost us the Cup? Or very least end in a tie. 

    Yes, definitely.  It was very exciting, but we lost a lot of leads.  Nevertheless, I am very happy today with our comeback win.  Tony's comeback had me gleaming.  He should be winning many tournaments, including majors.  

  3. 1 minute ago, Vinsk said:

    I’ll take that bet too. And you won’t need to give out your address because the money won’t be heading your direction.😉

    Oh, no.  I see I'm becoming richer by the minute.  Karl will easily be in the top 25.  You'll see.  But, as I said, it may take 7 years depending on whether he finishes Stanford or, like Tiger, leaves early.  Let's meet back in this thread in 7 years. 😀😀

  4. 5 minutes ago, Vinsk said:

    It was certainly just as exciting to watch as the RC for me. Great event. Now, OT but irks the hell out of me, let’s do away with the ‘arguably GOAT’ phrase. It’s printed and said by way too many people. Some players have been able to cross the nostalgic barrier and realize the truth and/or interpret the stats correctly but come on. The only thing arguable is whether Jack is the second best. Tiger: GOAT, undisputed.

    The only issue for many people is the 15 vs. 18.  Then again, Jack wasn't out of commission the way that Tiger was for a number of years.  

  5. 6 hours ago, 70sSanO said:

    The Europeans are probably more seasoned and better.  They do have 6 of them in the top 15.  There’s no one comparable to McIltoy or Rahm on the Internationals.

    But based on how their rookies played they have potential to improve.  I can see an influx of excellent Asian players down the road that might turn the tide.


    I'm sure you're right.  After all,  Asian women golfers have no real competition from neither American nor European women golfers.  I don't see any reason why International male golfers won't be eventually be on a par with the Americans.  

  6. Tiger's comeback nerve damage and not being able to walk is kind of a miracle.  His surgeon deserves all credit.  I wish I had that surgeon's name.

    Is there any reason why the International teams would be less of a threat than the European teams?

    Good to see that Ernie is very gracious in defeat.  

    At the team press conference, Tiger said (with a smile), "Ancer wanted me and he got me."  

  7. What a relief!  I'm over the moon.  Ernie's remark really fired me up.

    Fowler's dormie now going to 18.

    7 minutes ago, HJJ003 said:

    What a great Presidents Cup. The course was fantastic, the storylines compelling, and the competition was thrilling. 

    Hats off to the international team for a week well played, but way to go USA for the come from behind victory! Another feather in the cap of Tiger as well. 


    By the way, if Tiger hadn't picked himself, I think we would have lost.  

  8. 1 minute ago, DeadMan said:

    This has been so much fun tonight. I've watched almost all of the singles, which I was not expecting. 

    Oh yes!  I'm glued all night.  I'm a nervous wreck now and I'm on the edge of my seat.  I want us to win so badly.  It's a real nail-biter.

  9. 8 minutes ago, HJJ003 said:

    I am liking the current trend of the matches...let’s keep it up USA!

    Yes!!  And I have to tell you that after Ernie's "....shut up and move on" comment, I've never wanted us and Tiger to win more than I do now.  

  10. 4 hours ago, iacas said:

    He also just got waxed at the Junior Presidents Cup, failing to win any points.

    If you define "one of the top golfers in the world" as "inside the top 25" I'd be willing to wager $100 on that.

    Just on the odds. And I know who Karl is.

    I'm more shocked that he didn't win any points then I would be if he had won every point.  But I'm glad you see his potential greatness.  Stanford already recruited him and he's going.  

  11. 38 minutes ago, jmanbooyaa said:

    Cannot believe what I am seeing out of Fowler and JT. 

    Horrible, just horrible.  5 up with 8 to play and all they could get is a tie!  I hope we don't lose by a half of a point because I'll blame them.  Doesn't matter what they did yesterday.  Well, that's golf!

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