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  1. If a guy is good enough to get onto the PGA Tour, then he obviously has reached a skill level that exceeds an amateur golfer's skill level.  He's made the choice to become a pro and play against other professionals.  IMHO, he shouldn't have the right to say, "Well, I don't want to be a pro anymore.  I now want to compete against amateurs."  Doesn't make much sense to me.  So a former PGA pro could theoretically win the U.S. Amateur?  Not right.

  2. I heard him say something so stupid last weekend and I can't remember what it was.  I wanted to post it here.  The funny thing is that I really liked him as a player.  Then, when he got cancer, I was really rooting for him to get well and not lose his arm.  He went through a lot.  I hope he goes on the Senior Tour when his time comes.  But his commentary is from hunger.

  3. There are just too many great golfers in the world now for me to believe that anyone will ever win 6 Open's (either "The Open" or "The U.S. Open.")  But who would have thought that anyone after Jack would have won over 80 tournaments and also held all 4 majors at the same time?  That didn't look too likely just before Tiger entered our lives.  So, while I don't believe it will happen, at the same time, I do think that it is within the realm of possibility. 


  4. 1 hour ago, Vinsk said:

    Annnnnnd...about as boring as they come. Sorry..🥴

    If he's a "1" on a scale of "1 to 10" where "1" is boring and "10" is very exciting, who would you be giving a "10" to? 

    I'll start.  I would be giving a "10" to (in no particular order) Bubba, Tiger, Rahm, Sergio, Phil, Reed and Dustin.  A volatile nature increases your chances of being a "10" on this scale.

  5. I also think the name sounds ridiculous but please don't accuse me of even thinking that they shouldn't have taken the money, the sponsor and the name.  But that won't stop me from thinking the name sounds silly and ridiculous.  Maybe the Shitz Company should have taken over the tour and called it "The Shitz Tour."  How about "The Popeye's Chicken Tour?"  Some names just don't belong.  Or will take a while to get used to.  "Hey Charlie!  I made it to the Korn Ferry Tour!!"

  6. From what I saw, his swing is different.  I believe he messed around with it and now he's confused as to what swing he wants to make.  This is a common problem when you've been winning and then stop winning.  You go searching when all you needed to do was keep everything the same and just remain patient.  I believe this happened to Hunter Mahan as well.

  7. 7 hours ago, The Recreational Golfer said:

    Azinger is the master of the obvious: "These two [Woodand and Rose] could get hot and leave the field behind, or get in trouble and let a lot of people back in." Well, duh.

    "Gary Woodland needs to understand that the other golfers put their pants on one leg at a time." What??!!

    I don't know how Azinger got elevated so fast. His commentary on the closing holes of the 2018 U.S. Women's Open should have disqualified him for life.

    Along with Joe Buck, they are inanity to the fourth power.




    Totally agree.  He comes out with one platitude after another, and sometimes it's cringeworthy. 

  8. 2 minutes ago, iacas said:

    I don't know if what you heard is true, but in talking with… people… I don't think it's true. I think he feels just as he did in late 2016 where he specifically said he's not chasing more distance or changing his swing for more distance.

    Good!  Then I can't attribute his recent play to foolishness.

  9. I got bitten up like crazy over the holiday.  I'm still scratching up and down my arms.   I use "Off" with Deet.  It didn't seem to help.  Does anyone use a mosquito repellent (store-bought or homemade) that does a great job keeping them away?    I'm open to any and all suggestions. 

  10. I heard on the Golf Channel, or read it in a magazine, that Spieth was trying to drive the ball further.  I can't remember where I got that tidbit.  And I thought at the time that that might not be a good thing for him, as it can screw up your timing and ruin other good things that you were doing.  Now, if what I heard was false, then I can't attribute his mediocre recent play to that.  The competition out there is fierce...and we know that golf is hard.

    1 minute ago, ChrisP said:

    .........Cause it seems he’s missing a lot more both directions.

    Which I, perhaps falsely, attributed it to him trying for more distance.  When he was winning those majors, I thought he was a fabulous driver of the ball.

  11. 14 hours ago, iacas said:

    My point was you may have no real evidence that his quest for distance affected him negatively.

    It’s not like players don’t know how to get more distance. If he wanted more he’d get it. So when did it happen?

    2016, 2017, 2019 numbers almost identical.

    Your figures don't show how many errant drives he hit after going after distance.  Wouldn't you agree that if you're doing spectacularly well, then leave well enough alone?  If it ain't broke, then don't fix it.  And from what I've read, he was trying to fix something that didn't need to be fixed. 

  12. On 5/26/2019 at 9:33 PM, iacas said:

    When do you think this happened, exactly? Because:

    2019: 295.5 (75th)
    2018: 299.8 (61st)
    2017: 295.0 (76th)
    2016: 295.6 (51st)
    2015: 291.8 (78th)
    2014: 289.7 (89th)

    It's not lining up.

    Whatever his distances were is irrelevant to my point.  My point is that he shouldn't have worried about getting more distance and changed things to get more distance. 

  13. On 5/23/2019 at 7:22 PM, ncates00 said:

    First, we’ve addressed the first part: he went after more distance.

    That was his big mistake!  He obviously did not need that extra distance and now he's paying the price for being foolish.  If you're winning tournaments and if you're winning Majors do not change a thing!

  14. 3 hours ago, iacas said:

    Are you suggesting Faldo won six majors without going out and winning ANY of them?

    • 71 to win the 1987 British.
    • Led by 5, shot 71 to win by 6 at the 1990 British.
    • Led by 4, shot 73 to win by 2 at the 1992 British.
    • Trailed by 5, shot 65 to win in a playoff at the 1989 Masters.
    • Trailed by 3, shot 69 to win in a playoff at the 1990 Masters.
    • Trailed by 6, shot 67 to win by 5 at the 1996 Masters. Phil started the day one back of Nick and shot only 72.

    When Faldo won an Open, he did something you rarely, if ever, see.  He shot, in the final round,18 straight pars.

  15. 8 hours ago, Brad G said:

    Yeah Rory what a pathetic career, 24 wins 4 majors 2 world golf championships, fed X cup champion ,4 times a Ryder cup winner on 5 teams, Byron Nelson award, Vardon trophies has won player of the year a couple of times.....there are players in the HOF with resumes half that size......He just turned 30 last week, has another HOF career of golf left in him.......lol what a disappointment. 

    I never said he had a pathetic career.  He's had a fantastic career and I expected him not to stop winning majors in 2014.  Why is it hard to understand what it means to "become a disappointment?"  

  16. 1 hour ago, Herkimer said:

    He's a disappointment because he hasn't continued to be dominant.  

    Rory also hasn't won a major since 2014. Another reason why he's a disappointment.

    I would be curious if anyone has met Koepka and can tell us that he exhibited arrogant behavior to them personally.  An overabundance of confidence in a press conference does not necessarily translate to arrogant behavior on a personal level.  

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